Song of Brew & Ire

We destroy the phyllactery, meet some seamen, and go shopping

We need a name for our group

We get far enough away from Foxglove Mansion and decide to camp. In the morning, we head back to town.

We go back to the Tavern. It’s not open – the orphans did not open the tavern. Ness puts the phyllactery on the table. We argue over what to do – Bono, Ness, and Artie want to give it to the Pathfinder Society. Artie says it will take 2 weeks for the representative to get here. Ellwood hits the box with his scimitar. It shatters like glass.

Ness and Nastunye follow an old man that was sleeping in the Tavern. He goes to the wharf. We recognize him as a local. Matt Dranomhir. We ask him how the Tavern was last night. He’s nervous. He says people think we have something to do with all the strange goings-on. We tell him we’ll give him a drink for every rumor.

Bono disciplines his orphan. Bono puts the shards from the phyllactery in his bag.

More people come into the Tavern, but they don’t make eye contact. They’re nervous.

Bono wants to have some strong words with the clergy on their dereliction of duty with the undead situation.

Ness and Nastunye go to the Curious Goblin, the bookseller. There is no magic shoppe in town.

Ness casts comprehend languages to read the Varisian book. It’s a mundane history of farming – like a farmer’s almanac. The binding is frayed. Ness notices a fake page in the back cover – and finds a note in the bindings.

At the Curious Goblin we show him the star chart book. He offers us 30g. We show him the bullfight painting. The art is 100-200 years old. He’s very interested in the Varisian book, but tells us to go to Broderick.

Ness and Nastunye go to the potion shop, and Nastunye breaks in. Ness feels uncomfortable and goes to Broderick. Broderick thinks the star charts are interesting, but the diagrams in them don’t make sense. We show him the Varisian book, and Ness tells him what it is about. He wants to borrow it. Ness asks to be lent a book on Sihedron rituals, or the Brotherhood of the Seven. He doesn’t have anything on that, but says maybe we can find more info in Magnimar. He gives us a letter of introduction to some people he knows there.

Ness goes back to the Tavern and shows everyone the letter.



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