Song of Brew & Ire

Foxglove Mansion - part 7

"Let's get this Bard unconscious!"

We are in Foxglove’s room. The walls are covered with mold, and it looks like it’s pulsing. The books are soaked with mold. Bono finds the mold appealing. Nastunye picks up the box. Ellwood realizes the box is a phylactery – used to create a Lich. Bono takes the box.

Ness takes the bloody painting of Nastunye, by taking the canvas off the frame and rolling it up. The mold looks like it has a humanoid shape. Artie takes his sword to poke the meat around. Ness pokes the mold with mage hand, but nothing happens.

Ellwood leaves the room first, then Bono, Artie, Ness, Nastunye. Ness can perceive the calling of a large amount of crows above us.

To the right is a chamber we’ve never explored. We go in. There’s a lot of bones and decaying meat – it looks like a BBQ. Ness doesn’t perceive anything of value. Nastunye checks for traps and goes in. The bones look like they’ve been picked clean. Nastunye starts throwing up from the smell. Death slurry is filling the chamber.

Ness casts “negate aroma” so Nastunye stops puking. Ellwood notices that there is movement up ahead. Bono charges ahead, and his foot catches and he falls on his face. Bono is covered in rotting meat and bone – AKA zombie camouflage.

Artie uses prestigitation to clean Bono. We see a torso with a head, and with nubs that are moving/squirming within the muck. Ellwood asks, “ARE YOU OK?” but Bono leaps forward onto it. He looks into the torso’s eyes – they have the look of giving up, but seems to smile as the torso’s organs squirt out of it’s mouth as Bono belly flops onto it. Bono smears the organs all over his beard, and the torso goes limp. Nastunye searches the torso but finds nothing.

We go back the way we came. We perceive nothing. We go into a tunnel, and we find pickaxes on the ground. There’s a lot of mold in the chamber. Bono goes for the big pickaxe. The mold starts to tremble and it bursts, covering Bono. He takes -2 constitution damage.

Bono picks up a +1 Heavy Pickaxe. He coughs up spores. The pickaxes have been here a while. At some point they were carving out the tunnel using the pickaxes.

We continue on to the original chamber and see the spiral staircase. We go up through the left instead of the Kool Aid man hole. The doorway to the left is decorated with the same symbols as on the phylactery. Nastunye uses the key to open the door. I draw the images on the stained glass windows. We go up the staircase to the first floor.

We decide to go back up to the top floor – the attic. We go to the one room we haven’t gone in. We see books, skulls with candles, statues with faces. Ness finds an old oil painting of a bullfight – it has a plaque that reads “THROWDOWN AT SWINETOWN” – It depicts huge crowds cheering, bodies in the street, and appears to be an original work. The work is by Ando Salu from Magnamar and is worth 600g.

There are knicknacks from various lands. Artie walks in, rolls a natural 20, as he looks into the vases and knicknacks. Artie recognizes the symbols as from the Shyunti tribe, and old nautical maps. He picks them up.

Bono inspects the skulls with the candles. Some are human, dwarf, orcs, and other things. They seem to be trophies, We don’t recognize 2 of the skulls.

Ness checks out the books and finds two scrolls – 1 scroll of Lightning, and 1 scroll of Keen Edge. ness finds a false compartment and finds 20p, and 2 dark vials that have been dried out – she grabs all of it.

We head back downstairs. The heads on the wall are of a boar, bear, stag, and a fire pelt cougar. Bono touches the statue of the manticore, and sees the tail flick and it erupts into flames. Everyone else feels the room get really hot and the rest of the manticore erupts into flame. Everyone takes fire damage: Bono -6dmg, Nastunye -8dmg, Ellwood -14dmg, Artie -13dmg, Ness -12dmg. Our clothes start to catch on fire, and then everything goes out.

We look outside, and see both Stickfoot and Monkey huddled against the house. Ellwood runs out to comfort Monkey. On the front of the cart the ravens have pecked out the horses down to skeletons. Ellwood yells at the crows.

The ravens are a swarm called “Carrion Storms” which feed on rotting flesh. They follow where corpses are. Bono doesn’t think the birds are interested in living flesh, so he heads toward the well to prove his point. Artie starts playing bardic performance – Fascinate. Ness drinks a heal potion for +3 hp. More and more birds emerge, the closer Bono and Ellwood get to the well and they start cawing. Ness wands herself for +8hp.

Ellwood tries to talk to the birds and tries to make them empathetic. They turn to Ellwood, but don’t talk back because they are undead. They look back at Bono. They fly up into a swarm and attack him.



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