Song of Brew & Ire

Foxglove Mansion - part 6

we're so fucked

We’re in a large open chamber with a hole into the water. There’s a chamber that goes up.

Ness uses the want to heal Artie +4hp, +3hp, and +4hp. He drinks a potion for +1hp. He drinks another potion for +9hp. Ness wands him again for +9hp. Artie gives out a bunch of potions and oils like a drug dealer.

We hear faint sobbing from down below. By tracking footprints, we realize there might be more goblin ghasts, plus humanoids. We head towards the door in order of Elwood, Bono, Ness, Artie, and Nastunye.

Elwood ties himself to a stalagmite. Bono slips and goes sliding, and starts to go over the edge. Bono slides all the way to the door, but Elwood reaches out and grabs him. He stops before he reaches the door. Now we’re in the order of Bono, Elwood, Ness, Artie, Nastunye.

We hear the sound of gentlemanly sobbing. Nastunye uses acrobatics to get in front.

Nastunye walks in. She smells mold and decay. There are piles of garbage everywhere, a painting on the far side of the room, a leather chair, and a small table heaped with rotten meat. At the center is a patch of black fungus. She sees Aldern, his face is green and his teeth filed down. He looks like a half corpse. He’s on his knees holding the remains of Iesha. There are also two other goblin ghasts, who seem bewildered.

Aldern looks up, and drops Iesha, “My Love! You’ve finally come! I knew my letters would sway your heart!” The door looks like it has been slashed and bashed in.

Aldern is carrying a massive 2.5ft razor. He says, “it’s time to consummate our hunger.” Nastunye says to wait because they have all of eternity.

Ness magic messages to Nastunye to get rid of the goblins. Bono makes some noise, and Foglove looks and says, “Who’s out there?” Nastunye says, “I asked them to wait outside, because I wanted to speak to you alone, my love.” He thanks the friends for bringing her to him. She asks Foxglove to send his goblin friends outside. We see Nastunye walk inside, and the two ghouls walk outside. It’s really awkward.

Nastunye sees that there’s a box made of precious metals smashed across the room, with the same images from the windows. There are candles everywhere. Foxglove is being hospitable.

The ghouls are blocking the door. Foxglove clears the chair so Nastunye can sit down. She sits at the table with the rotten meat and maggots. She asks, “My Love, how did you get this way?” He says, “My family is cursed, but the Brotherhood is too demanding. Even amongst all the wealth, I am prisoner. i thought there was no hope.” His face contorts and he grabs his blade.

Ness and Elwood hear a shriek, and to Nastunye it looks like he turns into another person. Aldern says, “Oh you thought you could stop me?!” Nastunye slaps him across the face, but critical fails. He grabs her wrist, stopping it, and raises his cleaver.

Artie casts animate rope to entangle a goblin. It takes a swing at Bono and misses. Ness telekenetic fists the door for -5 dmg, Bono pushes the tangled goblin.

Nastunye asks, “What happened?” and Aldern drops his arm.

Artie casts Resistance on Ness. The ghouls take a swing at Bono. The ghouls swing scimitars at Bono, -5 dmg and the other misses. Ness tries to attack a ghoul, but misses. Bono swings at ghoul and misses.

Nastunye says, “This isn’t you, my Love.” He swings at Nastunye for -9 dmg. Nastunye starts feeling cold from the blade.

Artie casts Heroism on Ness. Ness shots but misses. One ghoul drops his sword, leaps forward, and bites Bono and he’s paralyzed. One swings at Elwood and misses. Elwood crawls over Bono and slashes at the ghoul.

Nastunye notices the painting is of her, but in blood. She says, “Oh how romantic!”

Artie does Inspire Courage as a bardic performance. Ness hits the damaged one for -3 dmg. The other ghoul bites Elwood, and he takes -2 dmg and is paralyzed for 3 rounds.

Nastunye says, “The painting would look lovely in our home.” And Aldern seems to be fighting himself.

Ness uses Wand of Magic Missle for -2 dmg. The ghoul swings at Ness, biting for -2 dmg but she shakes of the paralysis. Bono hits the ghoul.

Foxglove’s skin starts to slide off and NAstunye sees the face of the skinsaw man come back. He swings at Nastunye for -9 dmg.

Ness telekenetic fists the door for -2 dmg and it swings open. A ghoul swings at Ness but misses.

Ness runs past the ghoul and Elwood. She sees a monsterous creature which Nastunye is trying to calm down.

The ghoul swings and misses. Elwood swings and cuts the ghoul into four pieces!

Nastunye says, “My Love, what can I do to help you?” He says, “The Hurter. He’ll get you!”

Artie bursts in, looking like Nastunye and makes a bardic performance. Ness uses Wand of Silent Image and creates Iesha. “My Love, what’s wrong? Let’s go home!” says Nastunye as she takes -6 dmg. Artie plays Inspire Courage. Ness summons a dog to bite Aldern, but it critical fails. Ness yells at the illusion of Iesha and goes Jerry Springer on it – “YOU BITCH!”

Bono marvels at the stonework and feels as though there’s a shadow of Bono on the fungus, and feels like he needs to lick the mold.

Nastunye tries to disarm Foxglovve. “This hurts me more than it hurts you.” He lunges at Nastunye who drops to the ground, paralyzed for 2 rounds and takes -12 dmg.

Artie throws a tanglefoot bag. Aldern steps through the glue. Ness tells Iesha, “I WANT A PATERNITY TEST” and shoots her bow at Foxglove but critical fails.

Bono wants to eat the mold, and pulls it off by the handful and starts grabbing fistfuls of ut. Now Bono thinks all of his allies are his enemies and takes -5 dmg.

Artie runs in with his sword and misses. Ness pours a cure moderate wounds potion down Nastunye’s throat for +6hp.

Bono keeps eating mold and takes -12 dmg. Elwood attacks but misses. Foxglove swings at Ness and misses. Ness wands Nastunye for +2 hp.

Ness hits Aldern for -6 dmg using Disrupt Undead. Aldern lays down and starts weeping and drops his weapon. He walks to the corpse of Iesha. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean for this to happen.”

Nastunye takes the razor. Ness looks at Bono and says “Oh no that shit is fucked up!” Bono hits Ness for -8 dmg. Elwood grapples with Bono with a natural 20. Bono comes to his senses.

Nastunye asks Aldern, “Who did this to you and your wife?” He is sobbing. “The Brotherhood made me do this!” Artie asks “The Brotherhood of the Seven?”
Ness asks about necromancy, he says “It’s all about necromancy – eternal life is the answer.”

Bono tries to throw up. Elwood sticks his finger down Bono’s throat.

Artie asks “Who’s the Hurter?” and lunges at Nastunye – “HE’S HERE!” And Aldern bites her for -8 dmg, ands he falls paralyzed. Ness hits Aldern with Disrupt Undead for -5 dmg.

Artie swings at him with his longsword for -12 dmg. Ness heals Nastunye with the wand for +5 hp.

Bono barfs everywhere. Elwood runs forward with the scimitar but misses. Nastunye can move again and drinks a potion for +3 hp. Aldern seems weak.

Foxglove bites Ness for -9 dmg, and she is paralyzed for 4 rounds.

Artie yells, “I’m the real Nastunye!” and attacks with the longsword Bono drinks a potion. Elwood misses Aldern. Nastunye misses. Aldern bites at Ness but misses. Artie gets out the ukelele and plays Inspire Courage. Bono chucks his puke at Foxglove. Elwood also throws Bono’s puke. Foxglove leaps on Ness for -7 dmg.

Nastunye throws her dagger and says, “WHO’S THE HURTER NOW?” and plunges it through his heart. The walls pulse and glisten with his death.


  • Leather Armor +1
  • War Razor +1 (Foxglove)
  • Ring of Jumping
  • Ring of Protection +1
  • Extravagant Noble Outfit



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