Song of Brew & Ire

Foxglove Mansion - part 1

Foxglove Manor was unoccupied for a long time, recently the Foxglove family moved back in.

Ness buys a disguise kit and dresses up like a man – top hat, monocle, bow tie – the Monopoly Man. The dwarves hide in barrels with the gecko. Nastunye’s plan is to say she’s Foxglove’s cousin.

We go to the Manor, and see burned down ruins. It looks more rundown than the last time we see lots of crows. Ness caws at them. They look emaciated. We also see a collapsed well. Nastunye realized this is not the same place where she stayed with Foxglove.

We go to the well. We hear the splashing of water, the well extends far below. Elwood notices the birds are hopping away, repositioning themselves. The ravens are eerily silent. The house is covered in Ravens.

Nastunye uses the key we found to open the door. There is a damp, moldy, smell. We notice a large entrance chamber. There are trophies hanging along the wall. in the center is a statue with the head of a lion, and the tail of a scorpion (a manticore). Bono walks in first, toward the manticore. He starts imagining it on fire. There is a stain of mold and blood by the manticore statue, and a mummified monkey head on the wall.

Nastunye stabs the monkey head. Nothing happens. Ness lifts up the rug, and it looks like there is a swirly pattern. Bono casts “guidance” on Ness. The room has a boar, and cat pelts – all covered with dust. Artie looks for traps. There is a cord hanging out of the the monkey’s mouth, and Artie sticks his hand in the monkey. Artie pulls the rope.

Nastunye sees a birds eye view of a staircase in the stain. Bono detects magic, and the whole house is magic.

We go to the stained glass windows that obscure the ocean view. Each window has monsters in it – a screaming tree, a bird, a centuar like creature, a kraken. Ness draws a picture of the windows. Elwood sees a treeant, a roc, a sphinx, and a kraken. There is a box that the creatures emerge from, and the creatures all look afraid, like they’re being sucked into the box.

Ness hears a faint, screaming wail. We walk into a Library. There is a stone fireplace with a scarf. There is a bookend with a praying angel on its side. We see a bloodstain on the back of the chair. There is hair and bits of blood. Someone got smashed with the bookend. There is a book on the ground that is loosely Varisian history. It’s caked with blood, and Ness has to peel its pages apart.

The scarf wraps itself around Ness’ neck. She sees an image of a handsome nobleman, who is trying to choke ness with the scarf. NO ONE ELSE SEES IT.

Artie does blood biography. The girl’s name is Iesha. She is a human female, and the owner of the house. She was killed by the bookend. There is no response to “when?” Ness takes a random Varisian history book.

Ness gives the bloody book to Artie. Nastunye takes the scarf – it seems valuable. We go into a cozy dining room. It’s an entryway room.

We go into the next room. There’s a piano, and Ness starts dancing uncontrollably as Artie and Elwood play the piano. Ness loses -4 strength damage. Ness says “The Lady wants to dance!” and Nastunye tries to damage the piano. Bono casts resistance on Ness. “These musicians are shit! Rogers! Get us help!”

Artie casts counter music – for -6 dmg, Nastunye tries to knock Ness out. Ness sees Iesha’s face getting rotten, maggots pouring out, and then she slumps down. Ness comes to her senses and Nastunye is beating her head. We hear a shriek.



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