Song of Brew & Ire

Story Recap

This is the same info I put on the forum

So far…

1. During a celebration of the rebuilding of the church that had previously been destroyed by fire, the town was invaded by goblins. The invasion turned out to be orchestrated by a human man “longshanks” in an effort to distract the town while the priest’s body was stolen from its resting place.
2. The priest had a daughter, Nualia, who was never heard from again after the church fire. She was known to be beautiful but troubled and reclusive. Townfolk described her as divine. She was adopted by the priest after being orphaned at a young age. There are rumors she ran off with a boy from another town.
3. The fire itself is suspicious, and it happened after this serial killer guy who made beautiful wood carvings was caught carving out peoples’ eyes as offerings to his bird demon god.
4. Amako Kaijitsu goes missing after a letter from her brother, Tsuto, asks her to meet him at the glass factory to get revenge on their father, Lonjiku.
5. Lonjicu is found dead at the factory with molten glass poured over him and surrounded by dismembered factory employees. The place is crawling with goblins, but it does not look like the goblins are the ones who dismembered the bodies or killed Lonjicu.
6. Amako is found half alive bound and gagged in a closet.
7. We fight the Longshanks goblin leader and kill him. We find a note on his body that reveals Tsuto is longshanks, and he is responsible for the goblin raid on the town, and that he is the local boy who Nualia ran off with years ago. She is trying to transform herself into some kind of demon. Tsuto and Nualia took the priest’s body as part of this plot.
8. While exploring the glass factory, we find a sanctum with ritualistic decor and skulls, an altar, and mysterious dirty water.
9. A quasit witch, Eryllium, appears and summons two demons to fight us. She escapes badly injured. She can fly.
10. Exploring further, we come across Korovus, a large goblin, and a bunch of really ancient zombie-like beings being kept in pits. We kill him and determine him to be from the Seventooth tribe.



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