Song of Brew & Ire

Nisky gets Frisky and we lose Kitty

RIP Kitty

We slept well.
Kitty’s ears are turning into leather.
Melon chews on Kitty’s ear. It is tough and needs salt.
We put a blanket over Melon’s head.
Chauncey gets away and eats fruit.
Bono gets Chauncey.
Guards surround us – Bono asks for help but they are not buying it.
Logan intimidates them and they ALL RUN AWAY.

We got to the temple and Nastunye calls out for Absilar Zantus (the local priest). He helped us before. He tells us to bring Chauncy outside.
He has Melon sit down. Melon spits on people and scares them away.
He says it’s old dark magic and he needs to send to Magmar (3 days away) for help.
He has Melon drink holy water who throws up on Zantus – it burns his robes. Melon hugs him. He puts his holy symbol and it hurts Melon. Zantus runs.

Kitty has tentacles on her chin and bat wings for ears. She is turning into a vargoyle.
Chauncey elbows Bono in the head and goes running off – Bono is chasing him.
Nastunye is hitting on the potions guy.
Ness and Melon and Elwood are headed to Ness’s old place, Elwood is carrying kitty.
Rissa’s place – tavern that we walk by. We walk by lumberworks too and somebody notices, but we keep walking. We go back to where Ness worked.

Nastunye hits on the potion guy. She asks for the strongest potion you have. They discuss this really cool potion. He hits on her. She scores the potion for no money WE DON’T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED IN THERE BUT SHE HAD TO ROLL DIPLOMACY. She heads back to the temple.

Bono is still chasing Chauncey – the guard guy Balor Hemlock is gathering guards and stuff. Chauncey is wrestling with a dog. Chauncey bites the dog. All the guards look. They attack Chauncey. Bono approaches Balor and thanks him for killing Chauncey and fills him in on the deal and they go into the garrison and Balor politely puts him in jail.

Nastunye goes back to the temple – Balor has sent people to the temple and Nastunye is listening to their plans. She thinks we’re inside. She waits cause she doesn’t want to lose the surprise. She sees we aren’t in the temple so goes to find us in the bar and tells us about the potion, gives it to Logan. We hold him down and force him to drink it. Logan doesn’t get cured but he levitates. Nastunye is mad. Ness is laughing.

Logan can levitate other stuff. He levitates himself and us and we’re floating in the middle of nothing cause we can’t actually go forward. Ness pulls us back into the window. Melon goes to the ground instead and runs towards the river with guards running after him.

Nas + Nes + Elwood run to the potion store. Melon is getting shot at with arrows and floating towards the ocean. We get to the potion store and Nastunye slams him on the ground “You sold me a bum potion bitch!” Ness throws the cat at him and fails. Elwood bullrushes him and we tie him up and Nastunye yells at him. “From now on I get anything I want.” He is scared.
Nisk Tenor is the guys name.

We pour remove curse on Kitty. Wings are flapping. “Listen Nisk, I don’t want to have to slap you again.” Kittys head pops off and is a demon thing. We kill it, it dies on the poor man. I am crying because of Kitty.

We successfully returned to town and pissed them off. Bono had lunch. Logan floated to the other side of the shore into the wealthy area and is on the beach.

200 xp for gargoyle. 300 for other stuff. +100 for Melon for levitation. For attempting to help Bono gets +100. For seduction Nastunye gets +100.



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