Song of Brew & Ire

Kill more things

Mostly we are pretty injured. Ness and Bono drank their cure light wounds potions.
There are lots of runes in the room – Ness cannot read them but copies them down onto paper.
Melon tips the skulls into the weird liquid
Melon dips his finger into the lava. It does not hurt.
Nastunye opens one of the side doors – nothing much.
Melon opens the other door and a bunch of unnatural looking bones fall on him. There is jerky.

We open a door – circular pool, lined with skulls. Every pool seems to be lined with skulls.
Kitty goes in and drinks.
A tentacle from a vargoyle grabs kitty – another one hits her as well and she is down to -4 hit points.
We killed one of them!
Ellwood and Ness are paralyzed for 6 rounds
Kitty is stabilized
Kitty gets hit by the other one and injected by vargoyle venom. Is transforming. This is probably bad.
Chauncey runs away.
Jill totally killed it.

We go into another place with a stairwell going up.
The cat is losing hair and is afraid. Ness puts the cat hair into a bag.
Strangely cold – 11 5 ft wide pits with moaning, separate pits
Melon gets knocked into a zombie pit by a huge goblin with three arms- Koruvus – matches description of the goblins that the guy in town described. Leader of the Seven tooth tribe.
Nastunye killed the zombie that was eating Melon
and NESS takes out the massive mutant three-armed Goblin!
Chauncey gives Melon a cure light wounds potion
+1 longsword (we’re not sure yet who can use it)
silver dagger = ness
masterwork hand axe =

We kill the rest of the zombies
We each get 520 xp (is 3300 for level 3)
We are about to have a long rest – but probably first something bad will happen to kitty :(

All of kitty’s hair is out and kitty is frightened.



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