Song of Brew & Ire

Foxglove Mansion - Part 5

Artie may or may not be a little bit unconscious.

We’ve explored the left tunnel, and we need to decide whether to go down the middle or the right. Bono heals us all for +12 hp. Ness perceives down both tunnels, and it sounds like they both lead to the same place. She hears the echoing sound of combat and clashing, coming out of both.

Artie and Nastunye use Hat of Disguise to look like Nastunye. Artie goes first, Bono second, Elwood third, Nastunye fourth, Ness last. We go down the tunnel and its everywhere omnipresent. The tunnel widens out into a cave. Artie looks up and notices three ghouls crouching on the walls. All of their attention is focused down the hallway.

Artie stealths in. They’re slowly moving and descending down the cave. As we wait in the tunnel we hear a shriek, and some clattering. Artie rolls a natural 20 with his crossbow to hit for -5 dmg! Bono casts Acid Dart for -8 dmg and kills a ghoul.

The ghouls run toward Artie. He plays Inspire Courage. A ghoul jumps down and bites Artie for -10 dmg, and the other hits for -3 dmg. Bono runs in as far as he can. Elwood kills a ghoul!

Nastunye uses her dagger for -2 dmg. She takes -3 dmg. Ness rolls a natural 20 and the last ghoul falls to the ground and we curb stomp it until it dies. Ness heals Artie with the Wand of Cure Light Wounds for +9 hp.

A quarter of one of the ghoul’s head was bashed in previously. On the right is the sound of commotion and ocean waves. We go right.

The tunnel opens into a cathedral like cavern. There is a stone door at the NW wall, halfway down the slope. Everything is very slick. The stone door is open and we hear the commotion is coming out of that door.

Artie sees four creatures, maybe undead goblins, looking in the door but not going in. Ness uses Telekenetic Fist to punch the goblin for -2 dmg. We get their attention and they rapidly climb toward us. The sounds of the fighting intensifies from inside the door.

Nastunye hits one with her dagger for a natural 20. Ness casts Disrupt Undead for -2 dmg. One goblin climbs down the wall and tries to attack Elwood. A goblin bites Bono for -3 dmg, and Bono is paralyzed and helpless. Artie tries to move Bono, but he is too sturdy.

Elwood swings at a goblin but critical fails, and his weapon takes -2 dmg. Ness hits one with an arrow for -4 dmg. Al three goblins focus their attacks on Elwood. He takes -5 dmg, and -5 dmg. Ness hits the one in front for -4 dmg.

Elwood takes -4 dmg, and the other hits Nastunye but she dodges. Elwood drinks a Cure Light Wounds potion for +8 hp. Ness hits the damaged goblin in the eye and kills it! Nastunye is paralyzed for 5 turns and takes -10 dmg.

Bono does “lamb of god” on the goblin. Ness hits the closer goblin with Touch of Fatigue, but he shrugs it off. Bono hits the goblin in the face with his mace. The goblin critical fails and is flat footed. Bono gets paralyzed for 2 rounds. Artie attacks the hurt with with a short sword for -4 dmg. Elwood kills one!

The goblin jumps on Artemis for -3 dmg. Elwood hits for -5 dmg. Ness his for -1 dmg. Elwood hits again, Ness hits for -1 dmg, and Bono uses Acid Dart.

Artie takes -14 dmg and is unconscious. He stops bleeding out. Ness Disrupts Undead with a natural 20 for -7 dmg. Elwood takes -5 dmg and Nastunye kills the last goblin!

The sounds of struggle stop from inside the room.



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