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This week

After most of us being badly injured then only Melon and Ness slept well. The rest of us had horrible nightmares and in our dreams – saw an unnaturally beautiful succubus with a claw for a hand. (We weren’t able to heal or recover spells and have -2 con since we’re so tired.) Maybe it was the priest’s daughter?

A priest came to help heal us, and went to get the sheriff. The sheriff is genuinely concerned and will try to get reinforcements.

Lamashdo – this is the one we think the succubus worships

Cedric runs the local theatre – Melon’s parent’s were supposed to play there but didn’t get the chance.

Priests body was stolen from the chapel – we want to try to follow that lead.

We go to the chapel of Father Zantas. He welcomes us in but doesn’t get what our deal is. We go check out the grave where the animated skeletons were. There is seriously nothing there. There are large flat stones in a circle from the old place that burned down.

We go back into the glass works. Logan trys to knuckle bump them but they don’t want to so he “boops” them. Everything is smelly because there are still dead bodies. We go to the tunnels and see his body. We go through and find a natural cavern – goes deeper (quarter mile) – there is a gap to the side – forks. We hear whimpering, huddled shape. Starving woman with long dog legs – and a gaping maw – curled in a ball. She attacks us and we kill her.

We continue down the tunnel. There is a naked red marble stature of a strikingly beautiful monstrous human woman flowing robes. Don’t see any traps or sense magic – Bono takes the masterwork rancor, which is sweet loot. (see picture) But maybe Kim takes it because Bono can’t wield it.

We walk into a gallows. Wooden platform, 10 feet above then there are prison cells filled with bones (and a tree and a bear skin rug). Ancient Thassilonian stonework.

From underneath the gallows we get – Hairless human with gaping maw, is lumpy and fat, also has dog legs and arms in it’s face. Another one is muscular and full of rage. Third one is emaciated. And two skeletons. Bono almost kills himself jumping off the thing. Cat is also unconscious.

Sin fawns – is what the weird things were.

Nastunye – 700 xp
Melon – 750 xp
Ellwood – 700 xp
Bono – 650 xp
Ness – 650

Election adventure

We revived so Kitty and Bono are no longer unconscious. We sleep in the staff beds. We rest for two days and then everyone is at full health.

We buy six healing potions –
Cures 1d8 +1, we each have one and Jill has two

We wander in corridors. Ness makes ghost sounds. We find an ancient alter. Black marble with filthy water. Kim takes some in her vial. Logan licks it and feels bad. Logan opens the door and loses 6 intelligence.

Polished human skulls in a ring
Churning water – room is cold.
Nasty woman Arellium is flying around and cuts her arm – she puts the blood into the liquid and summons two monster guys. She is a quasit whitch. She is an extra planer demon.

Melon puts some of his blood in the thing and gets a sidekick Chauncey.

Dagger +1 cold iron returning dagger.

500 exp each
300 for me

Kill more things

Mostly we are pretty injured. Ness and Bono drank their cure light wounds potions.
There are lots of runes in the room – Ness cannot read them but copies them down onto paper.
Melon tips the skulls into the weird liquid
Melon dips his finger into the lava. It does not hurt.
Nastunye opens one of the side doors – nothing much.
Melon opens the other door and a bunch of unnatural looking bones fall on him. There is jerky.

We open a door – circular pool, lined with skulls. Every pool seems to be lined with skulls.
Kitty goes in and drinks.
A tentacle from a vargoyle grabs kitty – another one hits her as well and she is down to -4 hit points.
We killed one of them!
Ellwood and Ness are paralyzed for 6 rounds
Kitty is stabilized
Kitty gets hit by the other one and injected by vargoyle venom. Is transforming. This is probably bad.
Chauncey runs away.
Jill totally killed it.

We go into another place with a stairwell going up.
The cat is losing hair and is afraid. Ness puts the cat hair into a bag.
Strangely cold – 11 5 ft wide pits with moaning, separate pits
Melon gets knocked into a zombie pit by a huge goblin with three arms- Koruvus – matches description of the goblins that the guy in town described. Leader of the Seven tooth tribe.
Nastunye killed the zombie that was eating Melon
and NESS takes out the massive mutant three-armed Goblin!
Chauncey gives Melon a cure light wounds potion
+1 longsword (we’re not sure yet who can use it)
silver dagger = ness
masterwork hand axe =

We kill the rest of the zombies
We each get 520 xp (is 3300 for level 3)
We are about to have a long rest – but probably first something bad will happen to kitty :(

All of kitty’s hair is out and kitty is frightened.

Story Recap
This is the same info I put on the forum

So far…

1. During a celebration of the rebuilding of the church that had previously been destroyed by fire, the town was invaded by goblins. The invasion turned out to be orchestrated by a human man “longshanks” in an effort to distract the town while the priest’s body was stolen from its resting place.
2. The priest had a daughter, Nualia, who was never heard from again after the church fire. She was known to be beautiful but troubled and reclusive. Townfolk described her as divine. She was adopted by the priest after being orphaned at a young age. There are rumors she ran off with a boy from another town.
3. The fire itself is suspicious, and it happened after this serial killer guy who made beautiful wood carvings was caught carving out peoples’ eyes as offerings to his bird demon god.
4. Amako Kaijitsu goes missing after a letter from her brother, Tsuto, asks her to meet him at the glass factory to get revenge on their father, Lonjiku.
5. Lonjicu is found dead at the factory with molten glass poured over him and surrounded by dismembered factory employees. The place is crawling with goblins, but it does not look like the goblins are the ones who dismembered the bodies or killed Lonjicu.
6. Amako is found half alive bound and gagged in a closet.
7. We fight the Longshanks goblin leader and kill him. We find a note on his body that reveals Tsuto is longshanks, and he is responsible for the goblin raid on the town, and that he is the local boy who Nualia ran off with years ago. She is trying to transform herself into some kind of demon. Tsuto and Nualia took the priest’s body as part of this plot.
8. While exploring the glass factory, we find a sanctum with ritualistic decor and skulls, an altar, and mysterious dirty water.
9. A quasit witch, Eryllium, appears and summons two demons to fight us. She escapes badly injured. She can fly.
10. Exploring further, we come across Korovus, a large goblin, and a bunch of really ancient zombie-like beings being kept in pits. We kill him and determine him to be from the Seventooth tribe.

Nisky gets Frisky and we lose Kitty
RIP Kitty

We slept well.
Kitty’s ears are turning into leather.
Melon chews on Kitty’s ear. It is tough and needs salt.
We put a blanket over Melon’s head.
Chauncey gets away and eats fruit.
Bono gets Chauncey.
Guards surround us – Bono asks for help but they are not buying it.
Logan intimidates them and they ALL RUN AWAY.

We got to the temple and Nastunye calls out for Absilar Zantus (the local priest). He helped us before. He tells us to bring Chauncy outside.
He has Melon sit down. Melon spits on people and scares them away.
He says it’s old dark magic and he needs to send to Magmar (3 days away) for help.
He has Melon drink holy water who throws up on Zantus – it burns his robes. Melon hugs him. He puts his holy symbol and it hurts Melon. Zantus runs.

Kitty has tentacles on her chin and bat wings for ears. She is turning into a vargoyle.
Chauncey elbows Bono in the head and goes running off – Bono is chasing him.
Nastunye is hitting on the potions guy.
Ness and Melon and Elwood are headed to Ness’s old place, Elwood is carrying kitty.
Rissa’s place – tavern that we walk by. We walk by lumberworks too and somebody notices, but we keep walking. We go back to where Ness worked.

Nastunye hits on the potion guy. She asks for the strongest potion you have. They discuss this really cool potion. He hits on her. She scores the potion for no money WE DON’T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED IN THERE BUT SHE HAD TO ROLL DIPLOMACY. She heads back to the temple.

Bono is still chasing Chauncey – the guard guy Balor Hemlock is gathering guards and stuff. Chauncey is wrestling with a dog. Chauncey bites the dog. All the guards look. They attack Chauncey. Bono approaches Balor and thanks him for killing Chauncey and fills him in on the deal and they go into the garrison and Balor politely puts him in jail.

Nastunye goes back to the temple – Balor has sent people to the temple and Nastunye is listening to their plans. She thinks we’re inside. She waits cause she doesn’t want to lose the surprise. She sees we aren’t in the temple so goes to find us in the bar and tells us about the potion, gives it to Logan. We hold him down and force him to drink it. Logan doesn’t get cured but he levitates. Nastunye is mad. Ness is laughing.

Logan can levitate other stuff. He levitates himself and us and we’re floating in the middle of nothing cause we can’t actually go forward. Ness pulls us back into the window. Melon goes to the ground instead and runs towards the river with guards running after him.

Nas + Nes + Elwood run to the potion store. Melon is getting shot at with arrows and floating towards the ocean. We get to the potion store and Nastunye slams him on the ground “You sold me a bum potion bitch!” Ness throws the cat at him and fails. Elwood bullrushes him and we tie him up and Nastunye yells at him. “From now on I get anything I want.” He is scared.
Nisk Tenor is the guys name.

We pour remove curse on Kitty. Wings are flapping. “Listen Nisk, I don’t want to have to slap you again.” Kittys head pops off and is a demon thing. We kill it, it dies on the poor man. I am crying because of Kitty.

We successfully returned to town and pissed them off. Bono had lunch. Logan floated to the other side of the shore into the wealthy area and is on the beach.

200 xp for gargoyle. 300 for other stuff. +100 for Melon for levitation. For attempting to help Bono gets +100. For seduction Nastunye gets +100.

To Do!
  1. Find Bono
  2. Heal Logan
  3. Get me a new pet
  4. Clear the dugeon
  5. Go to thistletop shrine – that is where they burned Tobin’s body.
  6. Kill Bugbear – Bruthazmus (bro)
  7. Malfesh dude – figure out who he is and how they summon him
  8. Get the people in town to not hate us
In which we all do different things

Logan went up to the glasswork. He is going to hide. Garrison is relatively unguarded.
We are in a potion shop, with dismembered mountain lion and screaming potion seller, commotion outside – not directed towards us.

We grab 10 cure light wounds. I have four, Ness and Nastunye have 3 each.

Logan goes to the jail and throws a rock to distract one guard and puts the other in a sleeping hold and hides him behind a chair. He grabs a key and unlocks Bono.

Ness drinks some potions. Some guys come to the door but Jill rolls a 4 on disguise so they are suspicious of her. She diplomacies them for +15 and they leave. Nas says “Thank you so much officer”. Jill picks the lock of the safe and we find a large ledger, 3 gold potions, and coins worth $150. Which is a lot of gold.

Nast stays with the guy. Ness comes with Elwood. Ness checks the gold potions and finds that they are very unique. There is a guard so we try to swim, but I roll a 1. We almost drown but then make it across. Ness drinks the wine.

“I’m going to remove your gag, because I don’t think we need it anymore – do we Nisk?” Nisk is terrified. (intimidate) Nast grabs his face and acts like she is going to pour it down his throat and watch his reaction. He screams bloody murder. She tells him that she will give his potions back if he doesn’t tell.

Melon and Bono go back to the glassworks. Melon shares his heart that the darkness is building in him. Bono heals some Melon damage. Melon says “thanks cleric bro”. There is a knock at the door. Melon suggests going to the basement, but Bono is hesitant. Melon says we’ll just stay halfway – it’s Amako the woman we saved. She is holding a lantern. Bono explains everything to Amako. She agrees to hide you out in the tavern. They are now in the rusty dragon inn.

Elwood is meditating but is interrupted by Ness drunk burping. Nast takes the ledger and all his money and stuff. Nast boops him on the nose. She goes to glassworks. Ness is randomly shooting arrows drunkenly at nothing.

Melon tries to bite Bono because he is slowly losing control. He goes downstairs to get a drink, but there are people so he goes back up. Bono left the room.

Nast is alone in the glassworks and the demon comes to try to kill her. Nast is terrified and runs down the street. Demon lady is trying to kill her. She takes 3 damage. Two guards appear. Logan says “would you say she came out of the quasit?” Get it? She came out of the glassworks, she’s a quasit witch, etc etc. HA HA HA..

Nastunye and some guards are trying to kill it. Lots of guards are getting eaten. Jill hits it a few times.

Melon feels like it is trying to command him, but he is able to resist it with his will. Melon throws dirt in her eyes. He rolls a 21 but nothing happens because he just was throwing dirt. This allows Nastunye to sneak behind her and attack with rage which does awesome damage. Melon does a flying elbow drop and stuns her. Nastunye kills her.

Melon runs over and crouches over her repeatedly. I think he is marking his territory, not sure. He is feeling lighter and more free now that she is dead. Nastunye right-clicks to loot.

Demon is wearing a tiara. Melon equips it. +1 cold iron returning dagger. Symbol of a raven carved out of obsidian. The gown is worth roughly 25 gold, tiara is worth 50 and 10 for the unholy symbol/raven thing.

Melon’s tiara is +1 diplomacy. The sheriff thanks us. We have redeemed ourselves by killing the demon with guys watching. The town likes us again. Sheriff sets up guards around the glassworks. We have free room and board at the red dragon.

Ness is trashed and randomly casting ghost sounds and shooting randomly. She shoots a pig. And falls asleep on the pig. I am meditating for monkey.

+800 xp for Nastunye and Melon
For escaping or whatever +300 to everyone.

The roof is on fire - wait, not anymore!

Nast, Melon and Bono are a bit under suspicion, but Ameiko explains and they are told to stay out of trouble for a week.

Nastunye gambles and gets 17 gold
Bono makes a helmet for the sheriff and buys us back a lot of good faith
I forget what Melon did – tried to fix his jaw or licked things or something
I trained bubbles/socrates/tbd
Ness goes to the monastary, to see if she can research what is happening with Melon. She fails, but decides to go back to the tunnels under the glassworks to see if she can read the runes that we saw before.

Ness runs into Melon at the glassworks. Melon intimidates the guards into letting us in.
we got back together and went down in the glassworks

The last room we had yet to explore is perfectly speherical.
Ness can’t quite read the runes, but it looks like it has something to do with the god, Lamashtu.
There’s a floating orb and all kinds of weird stuff floating in space – a dead bird surrounded by maggots, wine, a wand, a scroll, a book, and pulsing electrical magic.
red metal walls with floating stuff – halo of maggots, dead raven, scroll, book,
The lightning happens around the metal runes in a pattern.
Melon gets wine and wand. Nastunye gets book.
Logan tastes the wall. Bono keeps hurting himself on the wall. Elwood throws him a rope. Ness mage hands the scroll. Melon splatters the bird and it oozes. He throws up. Maggots hit Nastunyes eye. It is gross.

We walked through ancient tunnel.
There was statue that had good weapon that Kim has. The statue holds a book with a 7-pointed star.
Another room with water that was evil
Temple chamber where demon originally was
Storage rooms
anti-gravity room
zombie pit room.

as we re-explore we notice scratch marks on the walls – made with claws and not tools, something larger than a mountain lion.
The marks are written in Thassilonian, or an older version of the language that it evolved from.

Ness is offended that that Melon took the wine. We ask Ameiko who we should talk to about reading some of the arcana stuff – She says we should talk to Chask Haladan – owner of The Curious Goblin bookstore.

The Sheriff has heard of pirates rum-runners using tunnels. They didn’t know before that these specific rooms were there, or that the tunnels ran so deep.

We go to sleep. Some folks smell smoke and wake up. goblins.

Bono and Ness wake up first. Ness leaves her room with only her silver dagger. She casts ghost sounds to sound like a pack of dogs to distract the goblins, but also to wake everyone up. We kill a goblin, but some run off. We hear screaming upstairs.

Bono and Ness run upstairs to find Ameiko being attacked by goblins. Bono gets knocked unconscious. Ness casts Summon Monster to have a dog appear and distract the goblins. She gives Bono a cure light wounds potion, and he wakes up.

The third floor is filling with smoke, and the goblins run away. Ameiko is unconscious, but Bono is able to heal her. Bono brings Ameiko down to the first floor. Ness goes to the second floor.

Ness grabs half of her gear (armor, shortbow, ranseur, the wine she CALLED DIBS on), and throws the other half out of the window. She runs to Nastunye’s room and throws all of her stuff out of the window. Nastunye runs up to join her, and the fire downstairs gets put out.

I didn’t keep close track, but we had summoned dogs, spiritual weapons, barrels putting out fire, NO PANSIES, climbing out windows, we totally saved amakos life, etc. Put out the fire.

we’ll handle experience later :)

We Run Across the Bridge of Fire.
Bono Help.

We look outside of the building.

An injured young man falls in to the ground and says “they are headed toward the bridge” Bono thinks he is cute and is tousling his hair. Ellwood stabilizes him and we leave Ameiko to care for his wounds.

We see figures running down towards the bridge.

Bono wants tousle. Melon says no.

Goblins are running in pairs and each one is carrying what appears to be a body.

Man in armor (boss fight?) is setting bridge on fire.

Nastunye runs up

Bono protect friend! Bono no hit.

We kill one goblin, the other one drops his part of the body to go after Nast. Ness runs up and recognizes her mentor, Shalelu Andosana, as the “body”, and drags her back to the other side of the bridge.

Boss fight man moves back, brings up his shield and shoots at Nast.

We remember that there is a tribe of goblins that is semi-aquatic. We don’t know if these are that.

Nastunye natural 20’s the goblin and loots 5 gold (ignores the fire).

Bono helping – fireman carries Shalelu back to safety.

Pansy bad guy runs away. Nastunye got hurt bad so drinks a potion.
Melon punches the fire, which makes it flare up and burns him.
Ellwood rolls a 0 (1-1) and falls in the water.
Fire is getting worse.
Ness runs through the fire, and crits and puts out one of boss-man’s eyes.
Shalelu wakes up.

Bono gets the attention of some guards, and gets them to help.
Shalelu runs through the fire, but catches on fire herself and is wounded.
Melon gets a lot of hit/damage. Melon is at -2.
Socrates kills a goblin
The cart got away.
The part of the bridge that was on fire falls into the river and puts itself out.

We capture Orik Vancaskerkin.
Nastunye looks through his gear
Masterwork bastard sword
composite bow +18 arrows
masterwork heavy steel sheild
+1 banded mail armor – medium
everburning torch
78 gold
a potion

Shalelu says while ranging, she came upon the caravan with the mayor in it. She camped with them (why would they camp so close to town???), and they got ambushed during the night.

We will get experience soon!

goblins and villigers got away and town is on fire
but we did save Shalelu (ness’s metor) we saved and we captured Orik


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