Song of Brew & Ire

Foxglove Mansion - part 2
Elwood punches everyone

We go into the next room. Bono opens the door and it slams off its hinges, and we’re in a wash room. Bono walks in, and a plague rat leaps on his face and attacks his for -3 dmg! Artie tries to grab the rat. Nastunye grapples the rat, and gets it off Elwood and kills the rat. The rat has been diseased. it looks like it fell into the tub from above, and couldn’t get out. Elwood looks up, and there’s cracks and fur everywhere. There must be rats everywhere!

We go to a small door in the hallway. The door is unnaturally cold… but only to Ness. Bono opens the door to a small lounge, and a couch covered with fungus. Ness notices the dust is blowing eerily – footsteps are moving through the dust. Artie doesn’t see anything.
Elwood goes in. He leans over and looks under the couch. Elwood tries to pick Bono up with a grapple, and fails. Artie sees that and he tries to pick up Bono – “And THAT’S how you pick up a dwarf!”

Elwood sees a ghoul, and punches Artie. Bono runs into the room and flips the couch, and Ness helps. Dust blows everywhere. Elwood comes to his senses, and sees Bono and Ness flipping the couch. Ness gives Elwood wine, and we go upstairs.

Ness casts ghost sounds to sound like cats and scare the rats away. Ness hates rats. We hear lots of footsteps and other strange sounds – Nastunye stabs the air. Bono runs upstairs, and goes in the small door to the right.

This room is a small bedroom with a kids bed and a fireplace. Artie checks the toy box. Nastunye sees her parents – Dad is trying to stab Mom. We see Nastunye huddled against the chest. Dad stabs Mom in the heart. Artie takes a well-loved straw doll.

We look in the next room. There are family portraits. A mother, father, and 2 daughters (twins?) One the left, a couple and their son. Everything is covered in cobwebs. Bono goes in and clears cobwebs. Ness uses mage hand to help clear webs. One of the paintings is of Foxglove. Nastunye feels chilled. The parents paintings turn into ghouls. Foxglove gets boils. Other parents turn into ripped up corpses. The girls turn into ice, and the boy into flames.
Nastunye stabs the paintings, and then a blackish green fungus crawls across the room. Artie feels the fungus crawl across him and itch. The fungus mimics natural mold, like you would find on rocks.

Bono opens the other door to a master bedroom. There is a dark stain on the desk. Nastunye enters the room.
The stain on the desk is blood. The window looks dark. We see the remains of the servants quarters from the window. There’s even more crows now.
Artie investigates using blood biography. He opens the drawer, pulls out something, and stabs himself in the neck! It looks like a sliver of wood. Nastunye puts a cloth on his neck, as he comes to his senses. Bono heals him for +10hp.

Artie tries to cast blood biography again. He looks in the desk and sees a paper and a quill. He puts it on the desk and waits for something to happen. Ness uses mage hand to draw a middle finger. “WHAT DOES IT MEAN??” he says. Ness says, “It’s a runelord!”

We realize maybe the boy died in the fireplace, so we go back to the kids room. Elwood pokes in the fireplace but finds nothing.

We go to the next room, which is a gallery of stained glass windows. We see the following windows:

  1. A large, pale, ghostly scorpion
  2. A gaunt man with extended arms, with bats hanging off him
  3. A moth with a distinct pattern on its wings
  4. A plant with bell shaped flowers
  5. A maiden at a well with a spiderweb above

With Arcane knowledge, Ness recognizes these as reference to necromancy materials:

  1. _ A large, pale, ghostly scorpion_ – SCORPION VENOM
  2. A gaunt man with extended arms, with bats hanging off himVAMPIRE’S BREATH
  3. A moth with a distinct pattern on its wingsDEATHWING MOTH
  4. A plant with bell shaped flowersBELLADONNA
  5. _ A maiden at a well with a spiderweb above_ – HEART OF A MAIDEN SLAIN BY POISON

We open the next door, and Elwood pushes Bono in. it’s another wash room. Bono walks in, hears creaking, and the floor collapses on top of the previous tub. We back out of the wash room. Everything is spongey and waterlogged.

The next room is a small bedroom. It smells putrid. Dark mold that’s green and blue is everywhere. Bono hears a child. “Mommy, what’s on your face?” Nastunye walks into the mold. We see the same spiral under the mold as in the foyer.

The bedroom is destroyed, except one painting which is flipped over. Ness uses mage hand to flip it over. It’s Iesha Foxglove. Elwood feels sad, in a manly dwarf way. We hear a shrill female voice, being critical. Elwood has an overwhelming rage against all women, and tries to attack Nastunye. Ness tries to cast touch of fatigue, but fails. Elwood gets tied up by Nastunye. Ness tries to slap Elwood to his senses, and he tries to bite her.

We hear a faint woman’s voice say, “What do you get up to, down below?”

Artie asks Bono to check him. There’s nothing visible, but he finds some strange lumps. He’s also not a doctor.

Foxglove Mansion - part 3

Aldern’s Mom is Cyralie – she died on the cliffs below.
Iesha is Aldern’s wife
Verell (a man) built the house
There was a period of unoccupancy, and then Aldern returned.

We go into the first room.

We go into the second room and see a low cot and a dresser. It looks like the servants quarters. Ness searches the dresser but only finds clothing.

We go into the north hallway, and we hear a scream from down the hallway. Bono goes in. We see a desk and a chair. We see paintings of a dark haired woman with a jagged staff. A painting of a handsome man with a crown of ivory and jade. There is a trap door on the roof, and a telescope shattered on the ground. Elwood picks up the telescope, but it’s shattered beyond repair. There is a pulley system to the trap door that is broken.

bono feels hot and thinks about jumping out the window. We look out the window and see a sloping roof, a weather vane, and the ocean below.

Bono uses mending to fix the trap door. We can see the coast, and the roof is steep. We can see the house is hanging over the cliff underneath. Half of the house extends beyond the cliff’s edge, and we see there is another floor below the one we entered on. Down the slop the weathervane is constantly changing directions.

Elwood pulls open the tarp on the window. Nothing feels out of the ordinary. Nastunye finds an old star chart in the desk. The latest date is 30 years ago. We take a book-worth of the star notes.

We leave and go in the right door, We hear sobbing behind the door. Nastunye breaks the lock. Bono knocks on the door. Elwood bashes the door and it weakens. Bono tosses Elwood at the door – it slams open. Dwarves fall to the ground. It’s a small room with a window facing north.

We see an old armoire, full sized mirror with a frame of roses angled toward window. Ness sees a storage area, to the side is a crumpled pile of cloth. Out of the cloth are eyes darting around, but only looking at the mirror.

Nastunye introduces us to the eyes. Then she knocks over the mirror. The thing screams “Aldern! You’ll be in my arms soon!” Ness casts flare, but the banshee keeps going toward the door. Her body is decayed but she is still walking. She is Iesha Foxglove. There is no headwound, but we see a neck scar.

Iesha goes down the hall, slams the door, and looks like she is listening for stuff. She pulls the carpet over on the first floor, and tears the floorboards up. Ness uses ghost sounds to make the manticore sound like Aldern. She shakes it off and stares at Nastunye. Nastunye gives her the scarf, and Iesha rips it up. Then Iesha tears up the floor and creates a huge hols and jumps in. Bono jumps in too.

We find a spiral staircase going donw, and a foul stink in the darkness. Ness and Artie hear scratching at the far wall. A wave of rats pours out of the wall at us and heads toward Artie. He swings but it doesn’t make a difference. Ness casts ghost sounds to sound like cats but the rats keep running. Elwood casts stone call. Elwood makes a dent in the rats, but the rest of them are still running toward Artie. They climb all over Artie. Artie gets nauseated.

Bono comes through the walll like the Kool Aid man. Nastunye swipes at the swarm with a torch. Ness shoots arrows at the rats, but nothing happens. Elwood summons lightning, and kills a significant amount of them. They start going toward Elwood, but Elwood rolls a natural 20!

Artie takes -2 damage. Ness tries to shoot arrows again, and critical fails for a -50% hit chance for 1 round. Bono gives Ness a sleep scroll. Artie pukes. Ness casts sleep scroll on a few of the rats. Bono hits some rats with his mace. Elwood casts lightning again. No more rats come out of the walls.

Nastunye grans rats and kills them with her bare hands. Ness uses mage hand to fling rats off of Artie. Elwood zaps Bono with lightning and kills all the rats.


Foxglove Mansion - Part 4

There’s a gaping hole through the north wall. A large open table in the middle of the kitchen with shelves in disarray. There’s a spiral staircase that goes down, that Iesha went down.

Something speaks to Ness from the south wall. Ness needs to find what’s behind the wall. She pokes it with her ranseur.

Nastunye opens the north wall. It appears to be servants quarters, and there is no dust or mold. Ness asks Nastunye to check out the south wall – there is nothing unusual. Elwood checks the wall – nothing unusual. Bono checks out the wall, and the door slams to the ground. Wine bottles break and fall.

Ness notices the wall is discolored, and finds 8 bottles of vintage wine. She gives 4 bottles to Nastunye.

We go down the corridor. Nastunye opens the door and there’s another hallway with a large iron door. Nastunye picks the lock – it’s very elaborate. Artie sings “Stumpet Betta Have My Money” and Nastunye rolls a 34 and opens the lock. It appears to be an arcane workshop. There are three iron birdcages with a dead, diseased rat in each.

We see two stained glass windows:
1) a thin man drinking foul-looking green fluid
2) a decayed man turning into smoke, pouring into a seven sided box
Ness can’t tell if the windows are for arcane ingredients again.

Ness finds a few books with arcane writing that are necromantic. On each cage is a gold sign that says “Pug’s contraptions – Magnimar.” As Elwood gets close to the books, he has a vision of the stained windows… A man working tirelessly, until he turns into a mist.

Elwood goes rushing up the hallway to save his daughter. Ness runs after and casts touch of fatigue. Elwood sees Verrell.

Elwood swings his scimitar at Ness, and she takes 9 damage. Elwood is Cassandra.
Bono heals Ness for +10 hp. Nastunye tries to look like Verrell. Arties tries another song, but it doesn’t work.

Elwood hits Ness for -8 dmg. Ness casts touch of fatigue again, but Elwood defends. Bono gets closer. Nastunye slaps Elwood across the face and rolls a natural 20. Elwood comes out of his trance, and takes -4 dmg. We tell Elwood he ran into the wall. Artie heals Ness for +6 hp.

We look at the windows again, and they are maybe 80 years old. There is one other door pointing south. We open the door into a narrow hallway that leads to the hole Bono made. We see piles of broken stone and pickaxes.

Ness looks at the staircase – there are no runes, but the staircase is really old and doesn’t fit the rest of the manor. THe mansion was probably built on the old stone – it is very ancient. It wasn’t built well.

Nastunye goes down first. In a sudden flash, she sees a vision of Aldern swinging a pickaxe to open the stairwell and says “FOR YOU.” Ghouls and claws come out and Nastunye screams and backs away. Nastunye takes -27 dmg! We see her screaming and red slashes of blood coming out of her. She looks down, and is bleeding out. Nastunye says, “I need medical attention.” She tells us about her vision. Ness heals her with her Cure Light Wounds wand for +7 hp. Artie heals Ness for +3 hp. Ness heals Nastunye again for +3 hp, and Bono heals Nast with Cure Moderate Wounds for +8 hp.

There is spiraling mold on the walls, and we hear a rhythmic sound, like snoring? The long cave stinks of rotten meat. Ness gives Artie her Everburning Torch.

Bono looks up and sees a black leathery shape, and it crawls over the wall and attacks! It’s a flying bat face creature!!! Artie sings resistance for +1 to saves. It dives onto Bono for -19 dmg. He heals himself for +6 hp. Bono hits the bat with acid dart for -4 dmg.

Ness casts Disrupt Undead for -3 dmg. Elwood hits with his scimitar for -7 dmg. Artie sings “Smelt of Horseshit” for +2 atk. The bat creature dives at Artie and bites for -20 dmg. Nastunye hits for -5 dmg with her shortsword. Bono hits for -5 dmg. I heal Artie with the wand for +3 hp.

The bat bites Ness for -13 dmg. Nastunye hits the bat for -2 dmg. Elwood uses his scimitar and crits for -20 dmg. The bat hits Elwood for -15 dmg. The bat shrieks and Bono is paralyzed. Nastunye hits for -5 dmg. Artie stops playing and shoot with a crossbow and misses. The bat misses Elwood. Nastunye kills it! She carves out it’s eyes and teeth.

We look around the cave and find body parts. We find a pearl ring (300g). Ness searches the cave and the corpses and finds an adamantine longsword (1h), and a Hat of Disguise.

The thing that attacked us was a Skaveling.

Foxglove Mansion - Part 5
Artie may or may not be a little bit unconscious.

We’ve explored the left tunnel, and we need to decide whether to go down the middle or the right. Bono heals us all for +12 hp. Ness perceives down both tunnels, and it sounds like they both lead to the same place. She hears the echoing sound of combat and clashing, coming out of both.

Artie and Nastunye use Hat of Disguise to look like Nastunye. Artie goes first, Bono second, Elwood third, Nastunye fourth, Ness last. We go down the tunnel and its everywhere omnipresent. The tunnel widens out into a cave. Artie looks up and notices three ghouls crouching on the walls. All of their attention is focused down the hallway.

Artie stealths in. They’re slowly moving and descending down the cave. As we wait in the tunnel we hear a shriek, and some clattering. Artie rolls a natural 20 with his crossbow to hit for -5 dmg! Bono casts Acid Dart for -8 dmg and kills a ghoul.

The ghouls run toward Artie. He plays Inspire Courage. A ghoul jumps down and bites Artie for -10 dmg, and the other hits for -3 dmg. Bono runs in as far as he can. Elwood kills a ghoul!

Nastunye uses her dagger for -2 dmg. She takes -3 dmg. Ness rolls a natural 20 and the last ghoul falls to the ground and we curb stomp it until it dies. Ness heals Artie with the Wand of Cure Light Wounds for +9 hp.

A quarter of one of the ghoul’s head was bashed in previously. On the right is the sound of commotion and ocean waves. We go right.

The tunnel opens into a cathedral like cavern. There is a stone door at the NW wall, halfway down the slope. Everything is very slick. The stone door is open and we hear the commotion is coming out of that door.

Artie sees four creatures, maybe undead goblins, looking in the door but not going in. Ness uses Telekenetic Fist to punch the goblin for -2 dmg. We get their attention and they rapidly climb toward us. The sounds of the fighting intensifies from inside the door.

Nastunye hits one with her dagger for a natural 20. Ness casts Disrupt Undead for -2 dmg. One goblin climbs down the wall and tries to attack Elwood. A goblin bites Bono for -3 dmg, and Bono is paralyzed and helpless. Artie tries to move Bono, but he is too sturdy.

Elwood swings at a goblin but critical fails, and his weapon takes -2 dmg. Ness hits one with an arrow for -4 dmg. Al three goblins focus their attacks on Elwood. He takes -5 dmg, and -5 dmg. Ness hits the one in front for -4 dmg.

Elwood takes -4 dmg, and the other hits Nastunye but she dodges. Elwood drinks a Cure Light Wounds potion for +8 hp. Ness hits the damaged goblin in the eye and kills it! Nastunye is paralyzed for 5 turns and takes -10 dmg.

Bono does “lamb of god” on the goblin. Ness hits the closer goblin with Touch of Fatigue, but he shrugs it off. Bono hits the goblin in the face with his mace. The goblin critical fails and is flat footed. Bono gets paralyzed for 2 rounds. Artie attacks the hurt with with a short sword for -4 dmg. Elwood kills one!

The goblin jumps on Artemis for -3 dmg. Elwood hits for -5 dmg. Ness his for -1 dmg. Elwood hits again, Ness hits for -1 dmg, and Bono uses Acid Dart.

Artie takes -14 dmg and is unconscious. He stops bleeding out. Ness Disrupts Undead with a natural 20 for -7 dmg. Elwood takes -5 dmg and Nastunye kills the last goblin!

The sounds of struggle stop from inside the room.


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