Song of Brew & Ire


We look inside the farmhouse – there is no sign of life, but there is a body on the ground. There is signs of a struggle.

We go inside. The stench from the dead body is powerful. Ness pokes it with a ranseur. There’s a nail in the chest of the corpse with a rune carved into it and a note for Nastunye. Ness also finds a rusty iron key.

We hear screaming and a wail coming from the barn. Ness, Nastunye, and Bono go to the front door. Elwood goes around the side. We hear creaking from the beams above. We see gore everywhere inside. The body on the ground is Shilelu. We run to Shilelu, and ghouls drop down from the ceiling!

Bono gets clawed for -8 damage. Ness critical fumbles and rips her clothing. Elwood crits and kills one. Ness gets clawed and bit for -11 damage. Bono channels positive energy and kills two. Ness gets hits one for 6 damage. Elwood sees a larger ghoul in the rafters, and sends Monkey after it. Elwood slingshots the ghoul and kills it, and it falls out of the window.

Shilelu is alive, but barely. Bono casts cure light wounds on her for +12 heal.

Monkey is repulsed by the smell of the larger ghoul body. Nastunye searches the ghoul boss. He’s wearing the clothes of a higher class caretaker. There’s an iron key around his neck with a flower crest on it. We recognize Rogors Craesby – he oversaw Floxglove Manor. It is 3 miles to the south. It is a very wealthy house, and over 80 years old. Ness remembers there was tragedy there, but can’t remember what. The locals consider the manor house haunted.

Artemis asks Letty questions. Her husband is Horrim Guffman – they were farmers in a neighboring farm. Theyr’e young and wanted to start a farm. She was dragged out of bed in the middle of the night, and woke up strung up like a scarecrow.

Bono perceives recognizeable parts of the humans. The barn is an undead Sizzler. The larger ghoul boss is a ghast. They all used to be people.

Nastunye and Ness find a lockbox under the floorboard. It’s filled with sacks of money – each filled with 100 silver. The total is $3,400 silver.

I lost my ear

Dearest Venture-Captain Sheila Heidmarch,

I lost my ear! I LOST MY EAR! Creepy dead scarecrows attacked us in a hamlet shithole and tore off my ear! This is going to wreck my music career in Magnimar. I didn’t sign on for this type of damage!

Shilelu and Artie's ear dies

We ask Shilelu what happened to her. We go inside the farm house. Shilelu followed the trail of dead bodies to Hambley Farm. We notice the dead Hambley isn’t as decayed as he should be. He died from hemorrhaging. Bono smashes open Hambley’s chest, with a dagger Ness gives him. It seems like a normal death.

Ghouls are stronger, but zombies are more weak. We dig a giant hole and put all the bodies in. We burn them. Nothing else catches on fire.

We go back into the farmhouse. Letty starts freaking out that we don’t know where he husband is, so Nastunye knocks her out.

Everyone goes to sleep. Ness and Nastunye stand guard the second shift, and suddenly there is banging on the door. Ness is on the roof with Stickfoot. The house is being attacked from all around by zombies. Ness hits the one to the right of the front door for -9 damage. Elwood runs outside and gets attacked by 3 zombies and gets paralyzed.

Artie casts animate rope, and a rope climbs up the chimney. Nastunye is about to clumb out. Bono casts channel positive energy. He goes through the window to help Elwood, and kills one.

Ness casts disrupt undead around Elwood, and hits a zombie for -4 damage. Bono gets attacked and hit for -7 damage. He gets paralyzed, but keeps his spiritual weapon.

Shilelu gets hit with bohemian ear spoon and is deafened. The bard loses an ear for -1 Charisma FOREVER.

Zombies descend on Shilelu, she slumps to the ground. Nastunye jumps out of the chimney and crits a zombie!

There are two zombies left. They kill Shilelu! Artie hits a zombie with a natural 20, and kills it with a short sword. Bono channels divinity and kills the last one.

The stench is overpowering. Netty is still passed out, but alive. All the ghouls are wearing burlap sacks – they were probably scarecrows.

Artie looks for his ear. Then he casts blood biography.
“Who are you?” – Hoarim Guffman
“How’d you die?” – The Fever
Nastunye searches the bodies.

Ness takes Shilelu’s stuff – she would have wanted her to have it! A bow, 10 sleep arrows, wand of cure light wounds, +1 studded leather armor, Masterwork short sword, amulet of natural armor, +1 cloak of resistence, 8 platinum.

Ghouls were wearing tattered tunics. Nastunye finds jewelry worth 500gold. We burn all the corpses. The sun rises.


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