Song of Brew & Ire

The bar, the barrel and the seaman
Melon blows it with Harlon

We are still in the old weird man’s (Broderick) house. (Side note: Nas is carrying about 100 lbs of gold on her).

We ask Broderick if the Thassilonian magic could have made the Thistletop goblins smarter and more aggressive. He says they are easily manipulated and attracted to power, but they would not be able to use the power themselves.

The Great Catastrophe was a mage war. They rained fire from the sky, and cities were destroyed – gods of great power fighting each other. Sandpoint used to be a vibrant city, but now it’s underwater. The Thassilonians powers were derived from runes.

Sihederon rune – debate over what it means, he believes they stand for paggles.

The lunatic from the barn’s name is is Grayst, and he’s been sent to a sanatorium
At the moment the murders seem to be related to shady dealing. He knows about ancient thassalonian. It doesn’t seem to be a astrology thing happening.

We ask Broderick, why was he following us? He noticed we are heroes and have experienced the appearance of the ruin – word has spread.
what places are ruins?
thistletop – great titan that had fallen.
The Thassalonians knew all forms of magic – not just undead but powers from runes.
They didn’t believe in the divination school.

Nastunye distracts Broderick by bringing the cat behind
Bono detects magic – there is some magic, but nothing in the vicinity
Broderick allows Ness to inscribe some symbols from a book, and borrow a rune wikipedia.

We take Broderick to the Old Light (and bring both bros). It looks like a bunch of worn down stones.
Broderick says he thinks if you consider the height of what it was – you would be able to fire upon any thing. He believes it used to be a tower that had command over the harbor. Wizards spewed fire across the oceans. He says there used to be towers all along, and they all fell into the ocean.

We look at the stones and see grooves and cracks but doesn’t seem like actual runes. The rock looks beaten up and doesn’t look like anything special.
Bono detects magic, and detects a warm glow all around… like sun on your skin. Not directional, but a glow.

Ness rolls 32 perception and is perceiving the rocks really really well. She sees the matrix. As she hears more and more ideas from the old man, she begins to see a distinctive pattern in the rocks. Ness notices certain unnatural patterns in rocks and sihedron rune

Jill gives the old guy the cat back.

We hear the Scarnettis like to gamble by the Hagfish. We head there to try to find them.
The owner of the Hagfish recognizes Nas – is happy to see her.
" The Heroes of Sandpoint are always welcome at the Hagfish!"

Nora is an eel that hangs in the aquarium
Melon smells stuff
Elwood rolls badly, and doesn’t really get a sense of things other than there is some fear spreading among the people regarding the murders.
Everyone is sure the current murders are unrelated.

Bono is looking for a boat. We find a small table with dwarves that Bono worked with before
The dwarves aren’t concerned really with human murders.

Ness asks people about the murders, but scares them away.

Everyone spends 2 silver on drinks. Except for Nastunye.

Nas rolls well on diplomacy, and talks her way into playing cards
“Damn shame what happened to Banny – his trick was every log he would tally it down and embezzle bits.”
What about those other three murders? The three men who were killed in the barn?
“Those bastards got what was coming to them – they stole savings from my grandmother – they should have been arrested long ago!
They were con artists – would find rich and weak people and convince them of investments – greed caught up to them.” They were scum – everyone in the town knew someone who was scammed by them.

Nas asked about the Scarnettis.
Titus is the head of the Scarnetti family, and he likes to hang out at The Feedmans Bag
fat mans feedbag = where scummy gang people hang. The Sheriff has no jurisdiction there.
Titus has been hanging there lately. He likes to hang with criminal types.

Titus is a spoiled rich kid – hangs around dangerous types but is honestly a coward
He would not have the balls to commit murders, but someone who would be willing to would hang out at The Feedbag.
And maybe Titus would reward somebody who would?

Nastunye disguises herself and goes into the Hagfish.
Ellwood turns into a beetle
Bono and little bro are jumping on the roof, Bono hurts himself
Ness is stealthing

Nas is a bad hottie – dirty she looks like she hasn’t bathed but hasn’t lone ranger. but still attractive and diplomatic. Nastunye buys a drink and Titus comes over.
Bono is trying the crate and barrel maneuver – gets tipped over by drunken guy, but convinces him he’s crazy and gets into position
A seaman is hitting on Melon – intensely interested – strolls down the beach with him.

Ness perceives Titus talking to Nastunye.
Titus says “i know who you are, do you know who I am”
Nas is a little put off
“may I sit down” “I’m not the boss of you” “I’m kind of a big deal around here”
talks about his assets
Nas asked, why aren’t you surprized to see me here?
he says " you must be here looking for me"

Suddenly, the front door of the bar comes crashes open – a large man comes out and asked “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” – Ness recognizes Gresel Tenuar, the bouncer.

Ness rolls between the legs of the huge man. He swings a table leg at her and misses.
Ness runs away, but gets hit. She tells the giant gecko to bite him, and it does 6 dmg.

nas tries to suck up to Titus but rolls diplomacy 1

The bouncer Gressel, comes back in screaming from the gecko bite.

Melon tells the seaman he has no wiener. He tells him it will never work, and gives him 1 silver. Harlon the seaman smacks him and turns away

Titus has drawn a longsword and is standing at the door
trying to be a hero

Titus has invited Nas to go home with him cause he thinks she is frightened – Ness is watching from the back window and wants to stealth and follow.

Melon gets infected with some weird shit again

We are still at the Hagfish bar. Nastunye asks the bar to calm down, and not attack the gecko. The bouncer is still freaked out and wants to gather people to attack, but the bar people stop believing him. Bono jumps out of the barrel and buys the bar a round of drinks.

Bono talks to (bribes) the bartender. The Scarnettis knew that Banny was skimming off the top. But they didn’t want to find a new worker, so they considered it the price of business.

Elwood turns back into a dwarf. He tries to convince Ness to go to the asylum. Ness doesn’t want to leave Nastunye behind. Elwood tells Ness that the Scarnettis knew what Banny was doing.

Nastunye leaves with Titus. Elwood tries to be friendly to them. Nastunye asks for a key so she could visit anytime, and Titus gives one to her. Nastunye says she has to walk Elwood home.

We all go back to Tavern McBarface and sleep. We have breakfast in the morning.

Sheriff Hemlock had the last witness at the asylum. We go to the asylum and knock on the front door, but there’s no answer. Nastunye looks through the window. Ness is really annoying and keeps knocking and saying “HELLOOOOOOoooooooooo.” Melon asks for lickers and the Doctor lets him in.

Ness tries to perceive if anything seems off, but it doesn’t. Nastunye asks if we can talk to the witness. The doctor, Erin Habe, asks us to sit. Ness is bored with the talking and starts touching all the books. Melon starts opening doors to find the bathroom. The Doctor leads Melon outside.

While Melon and the Doctor are outside, Bono talks to the Teaflings and asks where the witness is, but they say to ask the master. Ness perceives which doors are the most used, and it’s the back door by the stairs.

Nastunye tries to start opening doors, but the Doctor redirects her away like she’s a patient. Nastunye doesn’t like the Doctor touching her.

Habe takes us upstairs. He gives us the key to the his room, and says the patient’s name is Pidget. Melon hugs the patient. One of the doors is open. Melon still goes in for the hug.

The patient takes an aggressive swipe towards Melon. He is deranged, with tufts of hair sticking out where they shouldn’t. He is half-man and half-rat! A Ratman!

Elwood tells the Ratman to sit down, and it works. Bono closes the door to the cell. Ness gives the Ratman water, and he takes the waterskin.

Nastunye follows the Doctor downstairs. He starts packing up his bugout bag, and going out the door. Nastunye grapples the doctor, but he throws her off. He yells shrilly at the orderlies.

Ness tries to talk to the Ratman. He just looks scared.

Nastunye tells the tieflings she’ll pay them more, because the Doctor treats them like shit. She shows them gold. The tieflings subdue the Doctor.

Elwood says hi to the prisoners on the second floor.

Ness finds Grayst in a straightjacket. He smells bad.

Melon walks into a small room on the first floor and finds a bed.

Bono tries to walk downstairs to the basement. The Tieflings say not to go downstairs – even they won’t go down there.

Nastunye decides to question the Doctor. He says, “it’s not me, it’s the guy downstairs.” Caizarlu Zarren – a necromancer.

Ness can’t tell if Grayst is rotting – he just seems like he’s crazy. Ness asks him about the murders. He starts to shake and says, “they had it coming! They were greedy!” He’s trying to undo the straightjacket. Ness yells downstairs for help.

Bono runs upstairs. Grayst says, “The Master killed them!” Grayst’s flesh starts to peel back. Bono casts remove disease and it fails.

Elwood runs upstairs and summons a unicorn. The unicorn casts cure moderate wounds. Grayst bangs against the bars, breaking them. Ness takes -8 damage. Ness casts disrupt undead for -6 damage on Grayst.

Bono casts remove disease, but misses. Ness casts Ray of Frost for -4 damage on Grayst.

Nastunye runs upstairs and saps Grayst for -3 damage, but misses a grapple.

Grayst hits Ness for -12 damage. Elwood grapples Grayst, and Ness backs away.
Bono and Elwood pin him, and I tie him up. Melon smells him.

The Doctor talks Grayst down. He says, “Tell us what you know about the murders.”

Ness shows Grayst the 7-pointed star drawing. He takes a breath and sits down. He points at Nastunye, “His Lordship said YOU would visit!” He stares at Nastunye and keeps repeating “The Misgivings, the Misgivings…” Grayst starts smashing his head against the wall. With local knowledge, Ness knows that The Misgivings is a place, but can’t remember where.

The Doctor asks Grayst, “What’s troubling you?” Grayst says, “The Master will come soon, and bring them to The Misgivings.” He says, “The Master is infatuated.” He starts tearing off his own flesh.

Nastunye asks him, “Why are you the only survivor?” He says to Nastunye, “I have so much to tell you, come closer.” He leans forward and starts to convulse.. Melon leans in and whispers, “You can tell me…” Grayst slashes him across the face, for -8 damage. Ness shoots an arrow through Grayst’s head, killing him.

Bono cures wounds on Ness for +17.

Xorn outta nowhere
Bono killed zombies

Adjacent cell half rat guy pidgot makes noise –
Ness looks around doesn’t find any life.
Footsteps, Yo!
Habe, are you all right? Elderly man comes up the stairs, wants to talk to him – Kazarlu

Tieflings look uncomfortable.
Melon is festering. Blackness underneath it.
Habe and Ellwood and tieflings and Bono
Ellwood says we’re from the pathfinder society
Kazarlu asks if we’re staying the night
Tieflings are feeling uncomfortable.
Rolling mist is getting dark – late afternoon.
Not all is lost –
Something in the air is creeping me out and making me nervous. explicitly uncomfortable.
Bono – we are concerned with the security of the facility.
We hired your tieflings to help. Bono is saying he’ll go downstairs and check.
Melon stumbles down with vomit and leakage.
Bono tries to go down
there is a banging against the basement door before Karl gets it open
Tieflings are freaked out by it
Bono turns the key to open the door
sees a stone stairway – turns into natural rock basement carved into rock
We get Karl and Habe and guys into the office
I am shaken.
Melon goes into the office with the guys and greases up
Bono and folks head down the stairs
Karl touches him – you feel a little tired, but snap out of it.
Mildew stentch – also stench of rotting flesh – human shape corpses on tables. split from chest to groin, moving
Melon is helped to sit down
He sees Habe turn into an inky cloud
Melon tries to get out, but critical fumbles and hits himself
Melon is tied to a chair now
Ness kills one, Nass kills one, Bono is totally rocking it with full-room light damage to every one of them – they are dropping

inside the table leg there is a wand
you are all nauseated except ellwood

Ellwood summons a xorn, but it just barfs on everything. Eventually it eats the ratman

Karl tries to sweet talk Nastunye while holding a knife to
Pathfinders would love to learn more about goul fever
something special about this goul fever – it is curable normally but not really now – in his studies


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