Song of Brew & Ire

We cleared 3 rooms

not costco yet

Still in frothy blue water room.
Injured woman left – in a plume of smoke.

Ness harvests some hair and bones from the stuff. Nass drinks something. Ellwood has a nice moment of petting the monkey. Bono is looking at papers but rolled a one. Melon sneaks to the water and breaths it in – smells like the ocean. He throws a coin in and wishes for the return of his genitals. He feels a tingling but then realizes it’s just psycosomatic.

Language is Thassalonian – Nas knows this. Bono looks for magic. Bright light of powerful magic all over. Melon grabs his coin from the water. Seems ok. We congratulate him for not killing himself. He licks his hand and nothing bad happens.

Nas is going after stomach scar girl. Ness takes a random scroll and book. Nas opens a door. There is a sculpture of gold, not gold – covered with tiny spikey runes. There is nothing trying to hurt us (traps), but something odd about the carving on the wall. I listen at the door but roll a one.

Melon took some water and splashes it on the fire, which douses then reignites. Ness rinses off her rancier. Bono is trying to find the activation technology – repeating image of a guy holding a skull in one hand and scythe in the other. Medical diagrams.

Melon dunks his head in the water and blows bubbles. Ness tries to push him but misses. Melon feels like he’s in the air and there is an island and he recognizes the coastline. And then he comes back into his body. Ness hits him with a blow dart for 3 damage.

Ness sticks her head in the water. She feels her body slip away and is looking over the world – she rolls a 33 and is one with the world. She sees the children, she sees the town gathering to fight, she sees goblins fleeing, you see into a cave below thistletop where this a mosterous half seal thing with monstorous teeth, you see dead and broken bodies in a pile, opening that is on the side of thistletop. The pool is a scouting post to know what’s coming.

Looking closely at the pile of coins statue – thin with tiny runes on each. I climb up it and monkey follows me and starts picking at something. Nas notices monkey is looking at stuff. In a gap between two coins — Melon sticks his key in, nada. Nas puts in a coin and the whole thing spins open. In the room there are doors and stuff. doorway to the south – made of stone but no handles, 7 pointed star with slits where handles should be. To the east doors have carvings of skeletons and men who have been flayed alive. To the north you see image of man in the book.

I detect magic – more on the star door then the other doors. Magic kind of everywhere. Melon pushes the doors to the north and it opens. Marble thrown with statues of a man holding the stuff, like in the book. Ghostly guy on the throne, but phantom. He’s sort of talking but can’t understand him. He’s dressed like in a pre cataclysmic event – that nobody really understands – it’s real old. Something really terrible happened here.

Bono is phonetically trying to transcribe what is being spoken. Ness hears “the time is upon us” then some stuff then "take my final work to your graves and let it’s memory be… "

I open the flayed flesh doors. three low tables, covered with chilling knives and tools. bones, strange bones on other table. Nas doesn’t see any traps. Glints of stuff covered with hair and stuff. Lots going on. Looks like somebody has been cutting up the humans! I perceive that it’s human bits. Nas looks into drawers and stuff. Looks like weird surgery with two heads. High quality surgery tools. Nas takes the medallion – the skeleton crumbles. Ellwood touches the ghost guy and nothing happens. She tries to put the medallion into the doors and they open. God we are good.

Dim burning light. 10 foot light pit of burning fire. As the door opens Nas feels a gust of smoke and humidity and feel sweaty. Smell of burning hair and humid heat. Bono sees it is only a couple inches deep and weirdly is still burning. Shelves with piles of candles. Bono feels the air disturbed and feels a claw coming towards him.

Bono takes 5 of damage and feels a claw rake across him. Snarling canine beast with a bat head does 17 damage to Bono. Melon is going to grapple it. He misses and is idling. Ellwood and monkey hits. He unleashes key power and gets a third hit. Melon does two solid and then third overcommitted to the uppercut and punches himself in the face. The Barghast is reeling. Other stuff happens – Nastunye kills it. When we kill it then it says thank you.

Kim notices there is something strange in the corners and the alcoves open up – unhinge and in each one is dusty and ancient, minor treasure in each.

crumbled statues, 100 GP tarnished silverish looking ring – Ness takes it. it is a ring of force sheild but I think we don’t know that yet. Creature is wearing a necklace of 7 pointed star. Nas puts it in her sack. Eternal candles – we take’em all. 60.




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