Song of Brew & Ire

This week

After most of us being badly injured then only Melon and Ness slept well. The rest of us had horrible nightmares and in our dreams – saw an unnaturally beautiful succubus with a claw for a hand. (We weren’t able to heal or recover spells and have -2 con since we’re so tired.) Maybe it was the priest’s daughter?

A priest came to help heal us, and went to get the sheriff. The sheriff is genuinely concerned and will try to get reinforcements.

Lamashdo – this is the one we think the succubus worships

Cedric runs the local theatre – Melon’s parent’s were supposed to play there but didn’t get the chance.

Priests body was stolen from the chapel – we want to try to follow that lead.

We go to the chapel of Father Zantas. He welcomes us in but doesn’t get what our deal is. We go check out the grave where the animated skeletons were. There is seriously nothing there. There are large flat stones in a circle from the old place that burned down.

We go back into the glass works. Logan trys to knuckle bump them but they don’t want to so he “boops” them. Everything is smelly because there are still dead bodies. We go to the tunnels and see his body. We go through and find a natural cavern – goes deeper (quarter mile) – there is a gap to the side – forks. We hear whimpering, huddled shape. Starving woman with long dog legs – and a gaping maw – curled in a ball. She attacks us and we kill her.

We continue down the tunnel. There is a naked red marble stature of a strikingly beautiful monstrous human woman flowing robes. Don’t see any traps or sense magic – Bono takes the masterwork rancor, which is sweet loot. (see picture) But maybe Kim takes it because Bono can’t wield it.

We walk into a gallows. Wooden platform, 10 feet above then there are prison cells filled with bones (and a tree and a bear skin rug). Ancient Thassilonian stonework.

From underneath the gallows we get – Hairless human with gaping maw, is lumpy and fat, also has dog legs and arms in it’s face. Another one is muscular and full of rage. Third one is emaciated. And two skeletons. Bono almost kills himself jumping off the thing. Cat is also unconscious.

Sin fawns – is what the weird things were.

Nastunye – 700 xp
Melon – 750 xp
Ellwood – 700 xp
Bono – 650 xp
Ness – 650


I think they were called sin spawn!

I think what we saw were wrathspawns

This week

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