Song of Brew & Ire

The roof is on fire - wait, not anymore!

Nast, Melon and Bono are a bit under suspicion, but Ameiko explains and they are told to stay out of trouble for a week.

Nastunye gambles and gets 17 gold
Bono makes a helmet for the sheriff and buys us back a lot of good faith
I forget what Melon did – tried to fix his jaw or licked things or something
I trained bubbles/socrates/tbd
Ness goes to the monastary, to see if she can research what is happening with Melon. She fails, but decides to go back to the tunnels under the glassworks to see if she can read the runes that we saw before.

Ness runs into Melon at the glassworks. Melon intimidates the guards into letting us in.
we got back together and went down in the glassworks

The last room we had yet to explore is perfectly speherical.
Ness can’t quite read the runes, but it looks like it has something to do with the god, Lamashtu.
There’s a floating orb and all kinds of weird stuff floating in space – a dead bird surrounded by maggots, wine, a wand, a scroll, a book, and pulsing electrical magic.
red metal walls with floating stuff – halo of maggots, dead raven, scroll, book,
The lightning happens around the metal runes in a pattern.
Melon gets wine and wand. Nastunye gets book.
Logan tastes the wall. Bono keeps hurting himself on the wall. Elwood throws him a rope. Ness mage hands the scroll. Melon splatters the bird and it oozes. He throws up. Maggots hit Nastunyes eye. It is gross.

We walked through ancient tunnel.
There was statue that had good weapon that Kim has. The statue holds a book with a 7-pointed star.
Another room with water that was evil
Temple chamber where demon originally was
Storage rooms
anti-gravity room
zombie pit room.

as we re-explore we notice scratch marks on the walls – made with claws and not tools, something larger than a mountain lion.
The marks are written in Thassilonian, or an older version of the language that it evolved from.

Ness is offended that that Melon took the wine. We ask Ameiko who we should talk to about reading some of the arcana stuff – She says we should talk to Chask Haladan – owner of The Curious Goblin bookstore.

The Sheriff has heard of pirates rum-runners using tunnels. They didn’t know before that these specific rooms were there, or that the tunnels ran so deep.

We go to sleep. Some folks smell smoke and wake up. goblins.

Bono and Ness wake up first. Ness leaves her room with only her silver dagger. She casts ghost sounds to sound like a pack of dogs to distract the goblins, but also to wake everyone up. We kill a goblin, but some run off. We hear screaming upstairs.

Bono and Ness run upstairs to find Ameiko being attacked by goblins. Bono gets knocked unconscious. Ness casts Summon Monster to have a dog appear and distract the goblins. She gives Bono a cure light wounds potion, and he wakes up.

The third floor is filling with smoke, and the goblins run away. Ameiko is unconscious, but Bono is able to heal her. Bono brings Ameiko down to the first floor. Ness goes to the second floor.

Ness grabs half of her gear (armor, shortbow, ranseur, the wine she CALLED DIBS on), and throws the other half out of the window. She runs to Nastunye’s room and throws all of her stuff out of the window. Nastunye runs up to join her, and the fire downstairs gets put out.

I didn’t keep close track, but we had summoned dogs, spiritual weapons, barrels putting out fire, NO PANSIES, climbing out windows, we totally saved amakos life, etc. Put out the fire.

we’ll handle experience later :)



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