Song of Brew & Ire

the couch

Wet Willie + new Lizard friend

A bunch of goblins heard us so we can hear them coming to investigate.

We put the girls in the room and prepare for battle. I hear the sounds of goblins approaching. They turn the corner we start to kill them!

Nastunye sees ripnugget and Lyrie – she is the one who disappeared in the ceiling and then went to get goblin friends.

Orik got hit with a bottle, and is covered in oil that smells like kerosene. Lyrie shouts, “I know what you did Orik, if you give up now you’ll live!” Ness tells Lyrie we killed Tsuto and she breaks into multiple bits so she will be harder to hit.

Tsuto loved Nualia. Lyrie loved Tsuto. But who does Orik love???

Lyrie casts a fire spell, and Orik gets on fire because he’s holding an oily pillowcase. Logan does human Trebuchet and throws the flaming pillowcase into the middle of the room, and hits two of the double images. There are four left. Ellwood gets one. We kill all the images!

Lyrie engulfs the room in flame and the remaining goblins die. Bono heals everyone for +11HP! Orik tries to hit Lyrie with his bastard sword, but when it hits her, she makes it shatter into pieces. Logan grapples Lyrie and kisses her.

Ripnugget runs away on his lizard, Nastunye runs after him.

Melon sticks his tongue in Lyrie’s ear and squeezes her tight. He blows her bangs out of her eyes in a surprisingly caring way.

Ellwood cuts out Lyrie’s guts and her entrails pour all over Melon who holds her hands while she dies.

Nastunye leaps on the back of the lizard and whispers “whose laughing now”? into his ear. Ripnugget slices her with his sword. Ness critical fumbles and hits Nastunye for -5.

One of the goblins gets with with an arrow from the hallway and dies. Bono goes to the stairs and sees Ameiko, and some soldiers.

Melon full minotaur bull rushes the lizard and headbutts him. Ripnugget falls off. Nastunye is RIDING the lizard whose name is Stickfoot. NESS FINALLY KILLS RIPNUGGET.

Ameiko and the reinforcements have arrived.

We took out all the mini bosses, saved the girls.

- potion of cure light wounds
- wand of silent image
- whip
- potion of barkskin +2
- 2 potions of cure moderate wounds
- keyring with random keys
- masterwork breastplate

- 1 potion of cure light wounds
- scroll of minor image
- scroll of invisibility
- scroll of sleep
- scroll of whispering wind
- pouch of hair and teeth (Ness calls dibs)
- wand of 38 charges of magic missile
- a regular dagger
- cloak of resistance +1
- silver comb
- fine silk gown (bloody) – 15 gold
- everburning torch
- pearl earing – 50 gold
- 3 platinum, 378 gold


potion of barkskin +2
2 potion of moderate wounds
masterwork breastplate
+1 shortsword
dented crown = 20 gold
key ring full of keys

stuff on ripnugget

the couch

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