Song of Brew & Ire

Some of us slept!

And we got a horse

Recap from Kim

We are downstairs, Ameiko is there. It’s 4am. We hear the children whimpering. There are guts all around. Ameiko grabs the girls and runs upstairs. We are following her. Cautious for the sounds of fighting that we hear.

Town guards run up – one gets killed. Ameiko runs with the kids – is headed over the bridge – we are following. We hear goblins in each tower. They are shooting at people on bridge.

We split – Nastunye & Monkey & I up one and others on other. Arrows hit guard. Ness casts dog sounds. Melon smashes into the door and falls back (critical fumble).

Monkey Kool-aid Man’s right through the trap door on that side – there are 3 goblins, Ellwood slices one in half. Ellwood takes 6 damage.

The other side – double dwarf – can’t get the door open. Ness tries the polearm. Melon defeats the door with a CRIT!

Nastunye charges through the trap door and engages the goblins—a wolverine sneak attack slaughters the goblin—cold dagger through the mouth out the back of the head. Monkey engages the third goblin on the south tower and slaughters another goblin. Monkey see monkey do – imitates Nastunye’s moves!

Other side “Mace to the Face” – Bono yells “surrender or die” and smashes one. Melon tries to jump up and grab one by the ankles and pull it down! He hits his head for 4 damage.

Nastunye arrows the other tower, 2 damage. Bono is unconscious. Ness kills one. Melon throws one down the stairs. He is now a bloody stain. Melon says “sorry about the door”.

Ellwood, Gecko and Monkey head over the bridge. Gogmurt slashes the bridge, he’s mad we were killing goblins. Ellwood turns into a parrot so as not to fall to his death, other animals easily climb back to island.

Melon hits for 6. Goblin face smooshing in slow mo. Nastunye loots. Because she is Nastunye. Gets 3 short bows 3 short swords, leather armor (3), about about a gold worth of silver coin.

I fly by girls and nobody is attacking them. I see Gogmurt but see only him. Melon does double punch and kills the last one. He whispers while he falls – “sorry about the door”.

Nastunye shoots at Gogmurt.

Goblins on the other side = 3 normal ones carrying normal things
boss is carrying masterwork horse chopper – 1d8+1

Attack on the town from many goblin tribes. Town and convoy got attacked at the same time. Goblins all around the forest – now they are all mad at us.

We examine rest of the top floor – there is a pen that is locked with a steel door and we hear something stomping inside. Sounds like a horse.

I fly around – thistletop is like a giant skull. I don’t see anything from the sky that is moving around.

We open the horse thing – I cast Wild Empathy first – it is upset and hungry. Kim puts some water in a bucket for the horse. Shadow mist likes me now. I brought it some grass. I bring him some more.

This is an advanced horse. +2 on all roles. Ness deduces what happened was in this courtyard they were challenging each other to fight the horse but were losing so put it in the cage. But now it loves us. The sun has come.

We SLEEP. Bono, Ellwood + Nas sleep. Then we get woken up by something



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