Song of Brew & Ire

save the girls!

we did, we saved them.

We have prisoner Oric, he has agreed to lead us to Thistletop in exchange for money.

Melon has taken a strong shine to Oric. Oric displayed his allegiance to our group by helping us through many obstacles.

Gogmurth was upset that his chief ripnugget showed allegiance to this woman

Newallia is the big bad, Suto was her right hand man and lover – he was brother of Amako.

We made a promise to Gogmurth that we would not hurt any goblins that may be hard

prologue is over.

Trophy room – no floor. animal heads on wall. As far as Oric knows there should be goblins, but he doesn’t see them.

We hear celebration noises in the distance.

Oric has been downstairs but it was horrifying and he does not want to go down again. We want to go up the tower to see if we can tell what is going on in the courtyard. Jill doesn’t find any traps. Jill pushes the door open. It creaks. She peeks over the edge and sees two goblins asleep. They seem more or less unconscious, full bellies. Nas grabs their weapons. In the courtyard we see three goblins cheering and a horse running enraged in a circle – the horse tramples the goblin to death – they are battling the horse for fun basically.

Logan opens a closet. There are pickles. Logan covers himself in pickle slime.

Oric goes in to talk to goblins. Ripnugget is there riding a lizard. There are commandos. RN is laughing and says “Oric it was a huge success! Come in!” There is food and stuff that was stolen from down and also a fresh corpse of a woman. Oric takes the beer and is friendly – “cheers”. Oric says he wants to go take a shit and rolls a 17 so the goblins believe him.

Jill is checking for traps to go up the other tower. Jill cracks open the top and sees two goblins intensely playing cards. Jill closes the door.

We go downstairs. There are dog pelt rugs. Jon picks one up. He is drunk and likes the hair so he is petting it. We hear muffled crying in the door to the west. Nas is going to Nawallias room and is listening at the door.

Oric goes to his room and there are sheets. He finds two cure light wounds potions. Jill pushes the door open to N’s room. There are silk sheets. There is candle that might be magic. We look at the papers on the desk. They are scribbled but we can’t read them. Ness recognizes it as old thassilonian. These ruins are similar to the other dungeon. We take the papers. Oric takes the ever burning candle. Ness and Nass don’t find treasure, but part of the silk seems to be burnt.

AAANNNNDDD they hear a bugbear that comes in. Melon and Bono are in the hallway. Bruthasmis is the thing. Logan hits him in the groin and gives him fatigue. We kill him.

Nas loots. We heal Melon. Nas finds four platnum, heavy flael. masterwork composite longbow. potion of cure moderate wounds. in quiver 20 arrows but 4 look strange – they have goblin scibblings ruins. +1 elf bane.

Ness gets the masterwork composite longbow, Nas takes composite shortbow. We leave body in the prison and save the kids who are in the prison.

akika says “they took my sister into the other room”

We go to get’em.

We see two baddies at the far end and a couple of goblins and two dead goblins. There is gore

Stone fonts containing frothy dark water. pillars. shallow stairs with platform. glowing red smoke. relief of monsters eating humans. ashes and bones. very pregnant woman with talons three eyed jackel head. blades glow.

lyrie. 1 point of damage. she disappears. We sense invisible lady above us.

We kill a goblin, two Yeth appear. Nas does damage. Melon grabs the goblin who was trying to get away.

We hear a rumbling coming from upstairs. thumping. or like a large group of things.

I untie the girl. She was unharmed, she has accross her belly a painted on ruin and has goblin testicles all around.



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