Song of Brew & Ire

We Run Across the Bridge of Fire.

Bono Help.

We look outside of the building.

An injured young man falls in to the ground and says “they are headed toward the bridge” Bono thinks he is cute and is tousling his hair. Ellwood stabilizes him and we leave Ameiko to care for his wounds.

We see figures running down towards the bridge.

Bono wants tousle. Melon says no.

Goblins are running in pairs and each one is carrying what appears to be a body.

Man in armor (boss fight?) is setting bridge on fire.

Nastunye runs up

Bono protect friend! Bono no hit.

We kill one goblin, the other one drops his part of the body to go after Nast. Ness runs up and recognizes her mentor, Shalelu Andosana, as the “body”, and drags her back to the other side of the bridge.

Boss fight man moves back, brings up his shield and shoots at Nast.

We remember that there is a tribe of goblins that is semi-aquatic. We don’t know if these are that.

Nastunye natural 20’s the goblin and loots 5 gold (ignores the fire).

Bono helping – fireman carries Shalelu back to safety.

Pansy bad guy runs away. Nastunye got hurt bad so drinks a potion.
Melon punches the fire, which makes it flare up and burns him.
Ellwood rolls a 0 (1-1) and falls in the water.
Fire is getting worse.
Ness runs through the fire, and crits and puts out one of boss-man’s eyes.
Shalelu wakes up.

Bono gets the attention of some guards, and gets them to help.
Shalelu runs through the fire, but catches on fire herself and is wounded.
Melon gets a lot of hit/damage. Melon is at -2.
Socrates kills a goblin
The cart got away.
The part of the bridge that was on fire falls into the river and puts itself out.

We capture Orik Vancaskerkin.
Nastunye looks through his gear
Masterwork bastard sword
composite bow +18 arrows
masterwork heavy steel sheild
+1 banded mail armor – medium
everburning torch
78 gold
a potion

Shalelu says while ranging, she came upon the caravan with the mayor in it. She camped with them (why would they camp so close to town???), and they got ambushed during the night.

We will get experience soon!

goblins and villigers got away and town is on fire
but we did save Shalelu (ness’s metor) we saved and we captured Orik



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