Song of Brew & Ire

New friend Oric

in which progress is made

arika anika kidnapped.

Her and several other folks girls have been

half a days ride to south is mayor – we tell the guards g
oric tells the guards right where the mayor is

we give him his stuff back if
Follow oric

entrance of huge briar wall
northern wall
no major trade route cause there are often goblins

we are now all fatigued

couple miles further down, huge walls of thorny briars – so dense we can’t move through it

large cave like chamber
cloying musk scent
ratted red and black hair

gogmurt show yourself

bird skulls, gruesome decore

whatever sleeps here eats in it’s bed

we see a goblin apporoach, and a fire pelt panther


we are about 80 ft from the water
rope bridge
flat topped island
wooden 1 story stockade
hairy rope and wooden planks
wooden walls with gate

Melon, Bono and Oric go across first – onto the island

Oric opens the door and fan open – floor is hardpacked soil. Poorly perserved heads on the wall horses and dogs. Wings tacked on the wall.

Oric says “there should be guards here”
Harpy wings on the wall
One of the daggers has a pearl handle (100 gp)



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