Song of Brew & Ire

Moaning lady... ahhhhh

many doors

We hear a spooky echoing sound. Nas and Nes are freaked and can’t do anything. Melon slaps Nas. She slaps him back. Nes starts screaming like in a 50s movie.

Bono heals us like a boss. We wanna go downstairs. Nas is looking for traps. This is an OSHA compliant facility and there are no traps. We open the door and there is another door. We open that door and there is another door. We open that door and there is another two doors – Melon opens both simultaneously.

Inside there is a small round table. The one to the north has a small foul smelling room with a hole in the ground that reeks of waste. Shit smeared everywhere. I roll a 24 for shit identification. Something seems off – it seems not fresh. Seems odd like deliberately put here. Who would do that?

I look down in the hole – goes down about 6 feet – the volume does not equal what you would expect for that many goblins.

We leave the shit room. We go to another door and Nas does not sense traps. She opens the door – is dark – several rugs with dog hair. Ness is super excited. There is a bed with nymphs. This is kings chambers for goblins. Melon finds a shiny key under the bed. There are some papers describing attacks. We go down the stairs.

Nas is listening at the door – Melon makes fart sounds. There is another door. Bono is all about rock. Natural rock, 80s rock, all of it. Logan takes the door off the hinges. Ooops, he rolled a 3 and now he needs back surgery. HA H AHAHA – very good roll playing Logan. We open the door.

Natural cavern! Crates and barrels. North is sound of crashing surf. We open a crate with the poopy rancier. Shipment of clothing for not-goblins. 5 reams of silk cloth. rotten fish. We go to another door. We find a square room with another door. Lower 4 feet covered with crude drawings – of goblins – one is much more complex and shows a big goblin that is a 30 ft tall fancy monster. Another door to hallway. Another room with tables and chairs – a map where the recent raid was planned. We recognize the sinspawn that we fought before. Drawing of a well with sinspawn coming out of it. We go through another door. there is a wooden table. there are wooden shelves with equipment like you would see in an archeological site. Ness recognizes these symbols from the previous dungeon.

Resembles the mother demon lemashtu. Scroll on the floor. It is fluttering in the breeze. Looking for false door. One of the stones gives way into a doorway. Stairs go down. We decide to clear the level before going down. We find another door with a stairway up. We look at another door. It sounds like ocean. It opens up into the sky / ocean basically.

stone door hangs slightly ajar. floor slants downwards. We open another door. two pillars support the ceiling. there are partially damaged statues. Nes recognizes something runelord – these are related to runelords. We open the door.

Short hallway. shiny polished floor = that’s weird. stone doors down the end. half statue. As she steps on the shiny floor she gets trapped with bars dropping from the sky. oh wait – good reflex roll – she doesn’t get under the thing. stone status hack at shiny floor area. floor drops out. then it all goes back to normal.

Nas hits one with an arrow – it hits it, it reacts like stone. Melon picks up statue. He isn’t that strong. I help him. We put a statue on the shiny floor. Melon tries to reason with the statue. Nas tries to shoot it again. We hear it hit.

We hack the arms off the statues. We prop the walls that fall down so they don’t close. Melon and Ness cross.

stone ledges of four burning skulls. books and deformed creatures and strange objects frothy blue water. And you see standing on the other side. Roll for initiative.
woman wearing heavy brownish armor. exposed midrift covered in scars. stoic face, says “you’ve ruined everything”.

Nas asks Ness what is up – Ness says “hey lady what’s your name”
Nas says “love your sword”. Nes talks to lady as well. Lady doesn’t care and advances and swings with her nice sword.

yeth hounds fly down
I summon two stirges
Bono kills one, Ellwood kills the other.
Lady moans constantly. Nas tries to scissor her.

We do some good damage to her and she runs off.

Bono used cure light wounds and channel positive energy.



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