Song of Brew & Ire

Magic is hard, Swimming is hard.

Melon can't find a place to put his key

Ness trades the ring with Nastunye for the seven-pointed star necklace. Nas puts on ring – and her hand ripples like a heat distortion. A magical shield appears around her arm +2 AC

We spin around the pillar back to unopened stone doors. No keyhole but Melon puts in key anyways. Something is off about the dark room. Four pillars with a dome ceiling, sarcophogi, statue of a man with a glave and a book. Ness does a blow dart which should have hit the statue but you can’t hear it hit. Bono raises the symbol of Torog and goes in praying.

Bono sees briefly a moving figure and hits it with channel positive energy. For a brief second the room shines bright, but within the shadow there are forms that are nothing but shadow. 5 points damage. Light flashes out. Ness sends dancing lights into the room but they get dim.

Melon runs in with tactical lunge hug. He hugs nothing but sees evidence of things moving. Thing rakes across him with chill and feels weaker – strength reduced by 2. Nas throws a dagger. Ness does damage with telekenetic fist – Elwood tries a silver dagger it doesnt work at all. Melon has magic Ki attack plus magic weapon – he looks like sonic the hedgehog and blows up with light – metaphysical plain. Melon was almost exhausted but then he forted.

We keep hitting it. Ness fists the darkness, Bono tanks and gives us magic weapons, Melon whacks it, Nas killed it.

Bono descecrates the sarcophagus. Nas steals the wine from Melon. Drinks it. We all suddenly feel like she is important. She flexes. She is too busy answering everyone’s AMA’s to be bothered with looting the tombs.

Melon finds bright blue gem. Elwood finds Urns. Elwood kisses the goo from them. Bono finds scrolls but gets nothing from it. Nas gets bone dust. Nas feels something scurry up her leg and then she feels fine. Probably undead magic to posess her, but really you feel fine. This will probably come back later!

Wall slides open and Melon goes down. big room but it collapsed and there is a tide pool. Mural and carvings of mountain shrouded in clouds with a stern guys face carved into it – he was on other stuff too but we don’t know who he is – treasure and stacks of gold around it. We are at water level but can’t see outside. It seems like something hit the room from outside. We can hear the tide going in and out, we can see a tidepool, but we’re inside.

Bono wades into the tidepool and sees shimmer of golden light. Nas swims and sees a massive 5ft helmet made of gold. Helmet lurches and we attack a crab. Krabby!

Ness jumps in because she hates animals, and wants to eat the crab, and starts drowning, Melon finds some dill and makes splashes in the water. Bono does 1 damage. We kill the crab but Ness is drowning under its claw. Nas tries to save her and almost drowns. Elwood tries to help and roles a one and starts drowning. Then Melon starts drowning. Then Nastunye uses the rope and saves Ness! Bono helps.

dive in, swim through channel, find the way out – need DC 20 swim check.

Ness doesn’t see any danger in the water, other than nature itself. Elwood swims through. He sees the light. He rolls a good roll and finds the exit and there was much rejoicing.

We finished the tutorial!



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