Song of Brew & Ire

In which we all do different things

Logan went up to the glasswork. He is going to hide. Garrison is relatively unguarded.
We are in a potion shop, with dismembered mountain lion and screaming potion seller, commotion outside – not directed towards us.

We grab 10 cure light wounds. I have four, Ness and Nastunye have 3 each.

Logan goes to the jail and throws a rock to distract one guard and puts the other in a sleeping hold and hides him behind a chair. He grabs a key and unlocks Bono.

Ness drinks some potions. Some guys come to the door but Jill rolls a 4 on disguise so they are suspicious of her. She diplomacies them for +15 and they leave. Nas says “Thank you so much officer”. Jill picks the lock of the safe and we find a large ledger, 3 gold potions, and coins worth $150. Which is a lot of gold.

Nast stays with the guy. Ness comes with Elwood. Ness checks the gold potions and finds that they are very unique. There is a guard so we try to swim, but I roll a 1. We almost drown but then make it across. Ness drinks the wine.

“I’m going to remove your gag, because I don’t think we need it anymore – do we Nisk?” Nisk is terrified. (intimidate) Nast grabs his face and acts like she is going to pour it down his throat and watch his reaction. He screams bloody murder. She tells him that she will give his potions back if he doesn’t tell.

Melon and Bono go back to the glassworks. Melon shares his heart that the darkness is building in him. Bono heals some Melon damage. Melon says “thanks cleric bro”. There is a knock at the door. Melon suggests going to the basement, but Bono is hesitant. Melon says we’ll just stay halfway – it’s Amako the woman we saved. She is holding a lantern. Bono explains everything to Amako. She agrees to hide you out in the tavern. They are now in the rusty dragon inn.

Elwood is meditating but is interrupted by Ness drunk burping. Nast takes the ledger and all his money and stuff. Nast boops him on the nose. She goes to glassworks. Ness is randomly shooting arrows drunkenly at nothing.

Melon tries to bite Bono because he is slowly losing control. He goes downstairs to get a drink, but there are people so he goes back up. Bono left the room.

Nast is alone in the glassworks and the demon comes to try to kill her. Nast is terrified and runs down the street. Demon lady is trying to kill her. She takes 3 damage. Two guards appear. Logan says “would you say she came out of the quasit?” Get it? She came out of the glassworks, she’s a quasit witch, etc etc. HA HA HA..

Nastunye and some guards are trying to kill it. Lots of guards are getting eaten. Jill hits it a few times.

Melon feels like it is trying to command him, but he is able to resist it with his will. Melon throws dirt in her eyes. He rolls a 21 but nothing happens because he just was throwing dirt. This allows Nastunye to sneak behind her and attack with rage which does awesome damage. Melon does a flying elbow drop and stuns her. Nastunye kills her.

Melon runs over and crouches over her repeatedly. I think he is marking his territory, not sure. He is feeling lighter and more free now that she is dead. Nastunye right-clicks to loot.

Demon is wearing a tiara. Melon equips it. +1 cold iron returning dagger. Symbol of a raven carved out of obsidian. The gown is worth roughly 25 gold, tiara is worth 50 and 10 for the unholy symbol/raven thing.

Melon’s tiara is +1 diplomacy. The sheriff thanks us. We have redeemed ourselves by killing the demon with guys watching. The town likes us again. Sheriff sets up guards around the glassworks. We have free room and board at the red dragon.

Ness is trashed and randomly casting ghost sounds and shooting randomly. She shoots a pig. And falls asleep on the pig. I am meditating for monkey.

+800 xp for Nastunye and Melon
For escaping or whatever +300 to everyone.



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