Song of Brew & Ire

Election adventure

We revived so Kitty and Bono are no longer unconscious. We sleep in the staff beds. We rest for two days and then everyone is at full health.

We buy six healing potions –
Cures 1d8 +1, we each have one and Jill has two

We wander in corridors. Ness makes ghost sounds. We find an ancient alter. Black marble with filthy water. Kim takes some in her vial. Logan licks it and feels bad. Logan opens the door and loses 6 intelligence.

Polished human skulls in a ring
Churning water – room is cold.
Nasty woman Arellium is flying around and cuts her arm – she puts the blood into the liquid and summons two monster guys. She is a quasit whitch. She is an extra planer demon.

Melon puts some of his blood in the thing and gets a sidekick Chauncey.

Dagger +1 cold iron returning dagger.

500 exp each
300 for me



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